You beauty! World open water champion Payne in the swim after Windermere trip

You beauty! World open water champion Payne in the swim after Windermere trip



10:35 GMT, 25 April 2012

Impressed: Keri-Anne Payne

Impressed: Keri-Anne Payne

World open water champion Keri-anne Payne says Lake Windermere is the perfect place to go for gold.

The Stockport swimmer has experienced all sorts of grisly encounters in murkey waters around the world but it was the beauty of Cumbria waterway that really took the Olympic silver medallist's breath away.

While doing a practice session ahead
of the British Gas Great Swim in Windermere, the Stockport ITC swimmer
stopped to absorb the scene around her.

As the Olympics count down, Payne's preparations include a trip to race
in Israel before she returns to take part in the Great Swim Series in
London as well as a return to Windermere, for her a poignant moment.

Payne said: 'There are not really any extremes in Britain. I've not
really done that many because it's a bit cold here and I've only really
done the Great Swims and one 5k by City Airport in London.

'More the absolute beauty of Lake Windermere means it has been the best swim for me in Britain.

'Swimming around the course the day before, having a look at it, stopping and looking at the beautiful countryside. It was probably one of the most memorable swims I have done in Britain. I took a second to take it in.'

Last Wednesday marked 100 days to go until the Olympics. Much was made of the landmark but for the Johannesburg-born swimmer it had little impact.

Keri Anne Payne of Great Britain

She said: 'It probably doesn't have as much meaning.

'For us it's just another training session, it's just another day, another piece of the puzzle.

'Wednesday last week for me was just another day, another training session.

'It doesn't mean that much, probably because every year we are used to having a trials and then a major championships.

'We don't really count down the days until those kind of competitions so there is no point in hyping up the Olympics too much because then you will start getting too nervous about it.

'So it's a case of doing the same thing we've done for the last 10 years, getting into that routine again and knowing what works best for us.'

Payne also expects the hype to increase around the country in the build-up to the Games in which she will look to at least replicate her silver medal from Beijing.

She said: 'It's still a long way away and there are major things like the Premier League still happening.

'I am sure when we get closer to the Games things will start happening more and more.

'I wouldn't expect everybody to be running around talking about the Olympics every day from now until then because they'll get bored of it before the Olympics comes.'