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Anthony Ogogo won his first professional fight

Olympic star Ogogo throws knockout blow in second round of professional debut

Martin Domin


20:56 GMT, 27 April 2013



00:42 GMT, 28 April 2013

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Anthony Ogogo entered the ring to the wise words of Winston Churchill but was never forced to revert to the trenches as he started his professional career in blistering style.

The 24-year-old was the second member of Team GB to make his debut in the paid ranks having signed with American promoters Golden Boy last year.

And the middleweight made short work of his opponent Kieron Gray, stopping him in the second round after a straight right landed flush on the chin.

Jumping for joy: Anthony Ogogo celebrates knocking out Kieron Gray inside two rounds

Jumping for joy: Anthony Ogogo celebrates knocking out Kieron Gray inside two rounds

Ogogo won a bronze medal last summer
having given serious consideration to pulling out following shoulder
surgery and his mother's life-threatening illness.

Gray, 35, won his first five contests
as a professional but had lost his previous 14 as he settled into a
career as a journeyman.

Ogogo on the other hand can expect to
grace more iconic venues than Sheffield's Motorpoint Arena and will make
a quick turnaround on the undercard of Lee Purdy's challenge for Devon
Alexander's world welterweight title in Atlantic City on May 18.

Competent start: Ogogo uses his jab to good effect in the opening round against Gray

Competent start: Ogogo uses his jab to good effect in the opening round against Gray

Cameos in Las Vegas also await but the Lowestoft man had to first take care of the durable Gray.

Making his way from his dressing room
to the sound of Churchill's 'We shall fight on the beaches' speech from
1940, Ogogo's white shorts were trimmed with bronze in a nod to his
achievements in London.

Having already been hailed as a
potential cross-over star after a brief appearance on celebrity show
Splash and a regular slot as the face of Subway sandwiches, Ogogo was
given a rapturous reception by the Sheffield crowd.

And he was switched on from the first bell as he made a fast start, landing with a jab and right hook in the opening seconds.

Ended: Ogogo turns away after throwing the punch that sealed his debut victory

Ended: Ogogo turns away after throwing the punch that sealed his debut victory

Gray was content to box on the back foot in the face of fast hands from his younger opponent.

Despite his dominance, even Ogogo will have been surprised to have put Gray to the sword as comprehensively as he did.

The Shropshire man had only been
stopped twice previously but was sent crashing to the canvas after two
minutes of the second session before the contest was waved off by the

'That was great fun,' Ogogo said. 'The atmosphere was brilliant and I can't wait to get back out there. I love boxing!

'I'm not going to get carried away as I'm a million miles away from the top, but that was a statement of intent.'

US Open 2012 draw: Andy Murray faces Alex Bogomolov in first round

Murray will face Bogomolov in US Open first round… and is in Federer's side of the draw



16:48 GMT, 23 August 2012

Third seed Andy Murray will play Russia's Alex Bogomolov in the first round of the US Open and was placed in Roger Federer's half when the draw was made on Thursday afternoon.

Murray and Bogomolov have met three times before, with the Scot winning twice, but he did lose their first match at the Miami Masters last year.

In the first round, world No 1 Federer will face American Donald Young, who this week ended a run of 17 straight defeats by winning his first-round match against Argentina's Leonardo Mayer in Winston Salem.

More to follow.

Is it his time Andy Murray is looking for his first Grand Slam

Is it his time Andy Murray is looking for his first Grand Slam

Olympic Torch makes its way through Bath

I was swept along by a river of people as I carried the Olympic Torch



21:59 GMT, 22 May 2012

Runner 93 – aka Sportsmail’s Olympics Correspondent Jonathan McEvoy – sees the beautiful city of Bath fall in love with the Games as he carries the flame through the West Country.

Grin and bear it: McEvoy lopes through the streets of Bath

Grin and bear it: McEvoy lopes through the streets of Bath

The greatest inaccuracy relating to the coming Games appears to be contained in the reference books. There the boffins put the population of Bath at around 80,000.

At least travelling through the beautiful spa city yesterday brought to mind one of the greatest lines written in the Daily Mail, when Vincent Mulchrone reported the scene on the eve of Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral. ‘Two rivers run though London tonight, and one of them is made of people,’ he reported.

Well, if Bath’s population is truly just 80,000 then every single one of them was out there close to the Avon, cheering and waving flags, as the Olympic torch relay called by.

They were young and recording the day on iPods and smartphones. They were old and leaning on walking sticks. They were babies carried in their mothers’ harnesses.

They were peering out of sash windows three storeys up. Some wore school uniforms, some were suited and booted, others simply clad in T-shirts and shorts.

A swathe of middle England was falling in love with the Olympics before our very eyes.

On the buses: Our man Jonathan arrives in Bath

On the buses: Our man Jonathan arrives in Bath


Wednesday – Day 5: Bristol-Cheltenham via Swindon and Stroud.

Celebrity bearer: Didier Drogba.

Jason Gardener, gold relay medallist from the Athens Olympics, is Bath born. And as the bus carrying him and the other torch carriers pulled out of Bath University, the campus was lined perhaps a dozen deep. I swear his eyes were moist. That is, at least, how it looked to me.

I was runner 93 on Day Four as the torch relay snakes its way across Britain on its journey to the Opening Ceremony on July 27. Runner 93 is also a cynic when the situation demands. I should also add that I was running as a guest of Coca-Cola. I can assure you my approval cannot be bought for anything so soft, or fizzy.

But having seen the flame lit in ancient Olympia and having flown over with the lanterns last week, I can only attest that this was the most special moment.

Streets ahead: Bath was full of spectators as the relay went by

Streets ahead: Bath was full of spectators as the relay went by

Here in Bath, warmed in mood by an unbroken blue sky, I was reminded of what Daley Thompson (if you will forgive the name-dropping) told me as we drove over here. I asked that most infectious of sports enthusiasts what it would mean to him if he were selected to light the Olympic cauldron in the Stadium. ‘You know what,’ he said, aware the identity of that person is as yet unknown and will remain a closely guarded secret. ‘It would be better than being made a Sir or a Lord. It would be the best thing in the world.’

That feeling would be understood by my fellow runners yesterday. They all had their achievements to commend them: James Eynon, the teenager I succeeded in the relay, helped save his school from closure. Kate Pocock (nee Allenby), to whom I handed the flame, took the bronze pentathlon medal in Sydney 12 years ago and is now a teacher in Bath. One man had lost 16 stone and runs marathons. A mother had beaten a brain tumour and dedicates herself to charity work in Africa.

Humbly, I can only claim to have got the torch my 300 metres without incident.

Wayne Bridge exclusive: Roberto Mancini is my only handicap

Wayne Bridge Exclusive: Play golf Mancini is my only handicap

Wayne Bridge is not after sympathy – all he wants is an opportunity to put across his side of the story. This is the former England defender”s considered response to Roberto Mancini”s criticism after two years largely spent in exile.

Mancini claims the Manchester City defender is motivated by money, pulling in 95,000 a week and spending Saturday afternoons down at the driving range. Golf is his big thing, according to Mancini; swinging clubs is his priority instead of trying to find one to take on his super-sized salary.

Building Bridges: Manchester City

Building Bridges: Manchester City”s Wayne Bridge wants to reignite his career

“Roberto Mancini obviously doesn”t know me very well because I don”t play golf,” revealed Bridge in the first major interview of his professional career.

Given the freedom and platform to express himself, Bridge has laid bare his frustrations after so long in isolation, an isolation that has seen him spend a month at a time training with the kids at City.

It is all here – his relationship with Mancini and his thoughts on walking away from England after John Terry”s alleged affair with Bridge”s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son.

Defining: Bridge achieved notoriety last season after the John Terry scandal into the Chelsea skipper

Defining: Bridge refused to shake Terry”s hand last season

He has nothing left to lose now, not after Mancini poked fun at him in a pre-determined attack ahead of City”s Barclays Premier League fixture with Stoke City last Wednesday.

“The only player I”ve seen isolated like this was Bogarde at Chelsea”

“When I was at Chelsea I was playing for a team where Ashley Cole was the best in the world and I still got games. It won”t happen at City. There has never been an explanation, butit”s obvious they don”t want me.

“Mancini doesn”t really speak to me, he doesn”t really speak to any of the players. The only time I”ve known aplayer isolated like this was Winston Bogarde at Chelsea. Usually you still train with the first team, even when they want you out.”

Best pals: Bridge and Terry has been extremely close in the past, and so had their partners

Best pals: Bridge and Terry played together at Chelsea and for England


Roberto Mancini

Mancini (right) in Wednesday”s Sportsmail: “Sometimes I don”t understand why there are some players who have a good chance to play football, maybe not in the Premier League but in the Championship. Wayne Bridge is a good guy but for every other player it should be important to play.

“Wayne has had two or three chances (to go somewhere). In the summer he had the chance to play for Celtic, and this is an important team. I don”t know what he does on Saturdays now. Golf”

Bridge, 31, has played just once for City this season – a Carling Cup third-round tie against Birmingham – and has barely featured in first-team training. Most days he arrives early, working out in the gym at City”s Carrington training complex to vent his frustrations before he joins the kids again. That is the daily routine: walking out on to the training pitches to join the youngsters, alone with his thoughts and willing himself to get through another soul-destroying session.

“I”ve never caused trouble, I”m not that kind of character,” he said. “There will be days when I”m frustrated – not depressed, but down. Training helps take my mind off the fact that I don”t play.

“I don”t like confrontation, to be honest. It takes a while for me to lose it, but when I do…

“Some players are totally different to me – they would phone the manager and say things there and then. I just get on with things and hope they resolve themselves. Even when I”m playing I just like to get on with my own life. “If I kicked up a fuss I might have got out easier.”

International class: Bridge was regularly included in England squads prior to the story

International class: Bridge was regularly included in England squads prior to the story

That is the plan, negotiating with City to secure his release in the January transfer window. He has been training hard and his five per cent body fat – the lowest at City – is unlikely to be troubled by the home-made chocolate cake his popstar girlfriend Frankie is serving.

Popstar girlfriend: Bridge with his partner Frankie Sandford

Popstar girlfriend: Bridge with his partner Frankie Sandford

“I feel I am letting my mum and dad down and they basically live for following me around and watching me play football.

“I hate that my parents can”t come and watch me or Frankie, who loves to watch football, can”t come with her mum and dad.

“It is like I am letting them down as well because they are so proud to see me out there playing. They havebeen really supportive.

“They are people I can call when I am down. They cheer me up straight away and slap me back into place. Aaron Lincoln, my agent, has been amazing.

“Everyone has been so supportive and they can all tell when I have been down.”

There has been talk of Arsenal takinghim on loan and there has been interest from Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. He desperately wants to get away, to rediscover the zest for the game that took him to the very top.

Bridge played in the 2003 FA Cup final for Southampton and went on to win two Premier League titles, an FA Cup and the League Cup with Chelsea. Inevitably he regards Jose Mourinho as the best manager he played under. His eyes light up withthe memories of a glorious goal against Arsenal in the 2004 Champions League quarter-final at Highbury, and a beauty he scored against Portsmouth the previous season.

“There was a time when I could have gone to Portsmouth on loan, but I had to say no – my dad”s Southampton and I grew up supporting them. Dad would never have spoken to me again.”

Loan ranger: The out-of-favour full-back spent the second half of last season at West Ham

Loan ranger: The out-of-favour full-back spent the second half of last season at West Ham

This is the old Bridge, bounding withenthusiasm as he talks about the games that earned him 36 caps before he retired from international football in a storm of publicity last year.

He misses England, but maintains he was left with no alternative after refusing to shake Terry”s hand when City travelled to Stamford Bridge in February 2010.


Wayne”s world: The Man City defender is angling for a January move

“Everyone misses being an international when they don”t play. It is the thing everyone wants to be- an England international. When you start playing professional football it is the next step.

“It has been difficult for me over the last couple of years football-wise – I have not played great and personal stuff that had gone on. I don”t want to talk too much about it.I don”t want to bring up the situation that happened because I didn”t talk about it at the time and what”s the point

“If I had gone to the World Cup it would have been an absolute media frenzy. I probably could talk about itone day, but at this precise moment I don”t think it is going to help me and I don”t think it”s going to help anyone else who was involved.

“I had never been in the press before. Then I was and everyone had an opinion about it. It was like I felt, “Just leave me to get on with it”. Some were supportive and some weren”t. That”s just the way it is. But I got a lot of support and I am thankful for the support I did get. I can deal with it. Everyone was talking about it and I just didn”t want to talk about it.

“At the time, (England manager) Fabio Capello called me two or three times but it wasn”t right. “My personal life has got better. I am happy at the moment and the football has got to get better in January.”

He is expecting to move and is prepared for the next phase of his career.

“My next move has to be right for me.I”d rather play three games a week than none, but I”m entitled to leave. City claimed I”m only at the club for the money, but when it comes to the deal to let me go, it becomes about the money for them.”

After this, it is time for City to do the right thing.