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Jesse Ryder out of induced coma and interacting with family after sickening assault in Christchurch

Ryder releases statement after brutal attack as cricketer says he feels 'heaps better' after coming out of induced coma

Mike Dawes


00:05 GMT, 31 March 2013



07:04 GMT, 31 March 2013

New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder today said he was 'heaps better' but 'really tired' in his first public statement since the attack which put him in intensive care.

The 28-year-old Wellington all-rounder was admitted to Christchurch Hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning and placed in an induced coma after suffering multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, in an attack outside a bar.

Ryder was yesterday brought out of the coma and is now out of intensive care.

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Critical condition: Jesse Ryder

Support: Ryder

Stable condition: Jesse Ryder has come out of an induced coma and is regaining speech

Scene: The New Zealand cricketer was attacked close to Aikmans Bar

Scene: The New Zealand cricketer was attacked close to Aikmans Bar

He today he released a statement
saying: 'I just want to let everyone know that I’m okay. I feel heaps
better today but still really tired.

'I’ve been reading your messages that have been sent so thank you to everyone for thinking of me over the last few days.

'I want to thank everyone who has
been caring for me at the hospital – they have been awesome. Thank you
to my family and friends who have been here also.'

Two men – a 20-year-old and a 37-year-old who police said are related – will appear in court on Thursday charged with assault.

Found: The McDonald's in Merivale, Christchurch, where Ryder was found

Followed: The McDonald's in Merivale, Christchurch, where Ryder was attacked

Induced coma: Ryder remains in Christchurch hospital

Induced coma: Ryder remains in Christchurch hospital

Police chief reveals details of incident which left Jesse Ryder…

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Police believe Ryder was involved in
an altercation with two people outside Aikmans bar in the Christchurch
suburb of Merivale shortly after 12.30am local time on Thursday morning,
and was then assaulted by one of the two, who followed him towards the
car park of a nearby McDonald’s.

Ryder, a controversial figure whose
career has been plagued by off-field incidents, has not played for New
Zealand since February last year.

He spent three days in intensive care
but on Saturday his manager, Aaron Klee, revealed that he is now
breathing independently and talking to his family. Police have arrested
two men.

Former New Zealand pace bowler Iain O'Brien said of Ryder: 'He's the kind of guy that always will have a drink.

Jesse Ryder

Jesse Ryder

International: Ryder has played 18 Tests, 39 ODIs and 20 T20s for his country

'When he is off the stuff he's a
wonderful, wonderful man – he's one of the funniest guys and very jovial
– but on the other side of it, when he has been drinking he can
certainly suffer the lows.'

Ryder has played 18 Tests and 39 one-day internationals for the Black Caps, his last appearance an ODI against South Africa.

Fabrice Muamba news: Petr Cech says improvement in medical care has helped

Improvement in medical care at grounds has given Fabrice hope, says Cech



22:33 GMT, 19 March 2012

Petr Cech believes improved medical procedures introduced at grounds as a result of his near-fatal head injury in 2006 have given Fabrice Muamba a chance of life.

Cech was left unconscious in a collision with then Reading midfielder Stephen Hunt in October 2006, having suffered a fractured skull.

The goalkeeper underwent surgery that helped save his life – but delays in transporting Cech to the hospital became a point of controversy during the time of the incident.

Fractured skull: Jose Mourinho was furious with the time Cech had to wait for ambulance in 2006

Fractured skull: Jose Mourinho was furious with the time Cech had to wait for ambulance in 2006

Jose Mourinho, then Chelsea manager, was furious with the amount of time it took to get the goalkeeper out of the Madjeski Stadium and into an ambulance.

The outcry sparked an FA and Premier League review into medical practices and a string of improved measures have since been implemented.

Medical staff at White Hart Lane on Saturday have been applauded for their efforts in trying to revive Muamba after the heart attack.

But Cech feels Muamba would have little or no chance of survival if the Bolton midfielder was forced to endure what he had to go through in 2006.

'You don’t say you’re glad, but after what happened at Reading with me, imagine if that had happened with Fabrice,' he said.

Swift attention: Muamba was rushed to hospital

Swift attention: Muamba was rushed to hospital

'/03/19/article-2117380-123A14C5000005DC-190_468x286.jpg” width=”468″ height=”286″ alt=”Reminder: Cech still plays with a head-guard” class=”blkBorder” />

Reminder: Cech still plays with a head-guard

But the fact he still plays with a head-guard acts as a constant reminder of what might have been, and he admits: 'It (Muamba incident) was difficult to watch.

'You feel for the family, the people who are close to him and for the people and players who were on the pitch.

'At the time I got injured nobody really knew how serious it was at first. But you could see straight away how serious that was on Saturday.

'At the moment football is the last thing. From the start, when I woke up after the operation or a few days later, the football was the last thing I was thinking about.

'You want to try to recover your life in a normal way. Then when you know you have a chance you can think further. Hopefully he can make the first step. You need to do that.'

Fabrice Muamba news: Petr Cech injury made game safer

Cech's injury has made our game safer, let's hope that will help save Fabrice



00:52 GMT, 19 March 2012

The high level of emergency medical care Fabrice Muamba received at White Hart Lane was the result of measures the Premier League put in place after Petr Cech suffered his serious head injury in 2006.

The medical teams from both Tottenham and Bolton received praise for the treatment they administered during those shocking scenes, as did the match officials.

Watershed: Cech's injury in 2006 changed medical care at Premier League matches

Watershed: Cech's injury in 2006 changed medical care at Premier League matches

Bolton star got best possible medical care

White Hart Lane was well equipped to deal with Saturday’s incident:

Both clubs had a doctor on the bench. They were both wearing earpieces allowing them to communicate with the touchline so equipment could be asked for quickly.

An additional doctor was in the stadium, primarily to look after problems with the crowd.

Both clubs’ physios were trained in resuscitation, as were three others from Spurs’ medical team.

Two paramedics were pitchside.

There were two ambulances for the exclusive use of the players, one from St John and the other one paid for privately by Tottenham.

The Tottenham doctor carried a second defibrillator in his bag in case there was a problem with the first.

As well as the mandatory medical equipment, Spurs had on hand an additional resuscitation bag.

Referee Howard Webb was relieved of his fourth official duties at Wolves on Sunday. As senior refereeing official Dermot Gallagher said, it helped enormously that Webb and fourth official Chris Foy are police officers.

But the level of care Muamba received from medical staff owed much to the way the Premier League reacted to the Cech incident at Reading.

Jose Mourinho, then the Chelsea manager, criticised the Berkshire ambulance service by complaining of the delays in taking Cech to hospital when he had suffered a fractured skull.

‘There are some things that leave me in a very emotional situation,’ said Mourinho. ‘My goalkeeper was waiting for an ambulance for 30 minutes.

This is something English football has to think about. This is much more important than football.’

Chelsea made an official complaint that
led to a Premier League and FA review. As a result the following
measures were introduced:

Best possible care: Muamba was treated on the pitch before being rushed to hospital

Best possible care: Muamba was treated on the pitch before being rushed to hospital

An ambulance must be located at the ground for exclusive use of players.Each club must have their doctor at Premier League games. The doctor must be seated on the trainers’ bench. All doctors and physiotherapists must complete AREA (Advanced Resuscitation and Emergency Aid) training course. At least two paramedics must be available pitchside to deal with on-field emergencies. The home club must provide the away club with a medical information sheet containing key contact numbers and the location of nearest hospital. Home club must have available mandatory medical equipment as prescribed by Premier League. Annual medical examinations must be carried out on all players.
Lane of tears: Players and fans show their concern for Muamba's health

Lane of tears: Players and fans show their concern for Muamba's health

The Premier League declined the opportunity to comment on Sunday, rightly leaving it to officials at Bolton to provide updates on their ex-England Under 21 midfielder’s situation.

But after the incident Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: ‘We would like to praise the players, match officials, staff and medical teams of both clubs for their swift actions in attending to Fabrice.’