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Luis Suarez gives Fulham fans the finger

Suarez flips! Race-row striker loses cool over taunts by Fulham fans

Luis Suarez – who is already facing a racism charge – could find himself in more hot water with the FA after making an obscene gesture towards Fulham supporters after Liverpool”s 1-0 defeat.

The Anfield striker was given a torrid time by the home support throughout the clash at Craven Cottage as he was subjected to chants of “cheat” for what Fulham supporters perceived to be his constant diving.

And Suarez cracked after the final whistle by making an explicit hand gesture towards Cottagers fans. Wembley disciplinary chiefs will decide on Tuesday whether to investigate the incident further.

Out of order: Liverpool

Out of order: Liverpool”s Luis Suarez made a gesture to Fulham fans

Suarez has already been charged by the FA for making racist remarks towards Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during the 1-1 draw at Anfield earlier this season.

And Reds manager Kenny Dalglish admitted he could be forced to talk to Suarez about his conduct after the latest controversy to hit the Uruguay international.

“I haven”t seen the picture and I”m not taking anybody”s word for it,” said Dalglish.

“If you show me the picture and I”m convinced that what you”re saying is true, then I”ve got a decision to make.”

In response to Fulham fans branding Suarez a “cheat”, Dalglish added: “That”s scandalous. We”ll look after Luis as best we can, and I think it”s about time he got a bit of protection from some people.

Lunge: Jay Spearing fouls Fulham

Lunge: Jay Spearing fouls Fulham”s Moussa Dembele before being sent off

“His integrity is impeccable. He can look in the mirror and go to bed at night and sleep soundly.”

Liverpool”s misery was compounded by Jay Spearing”s debatable sending off – the latest incident in a controversial weekend of refereeing decisions.

The Liverpool midfielder clearly made contact with the ball in his challenge with Moussa Dembele – but was given his marching orders by Kevin Friend after catching the Fulham forward with his follow through.

And Dalglish felt his midfielder was harshly sent off: “I think, you need to ask the referee what their interpretation is What the level of acceptance is “Jay never had another thought in his mind but to win the ball, and he did win it.

Turning point: Spearing is sent off as Liverpool

Turning point: Spearing is sent off as Liverpool”s players protest

“As long as the officials are consistent, it”s not a problem. But I don”t think we were going to get anything tonight, were we

“The (offside) goal that Luis scored, Charlie [Adam] could have had a penalty. We played well enough to have won the game.”

Fulham boss Martin Jol added: “Was it a red card I think it was a bad tackle. “If you see from another angle, you saw his ankle up there and I think it was a sending off.”

Euro 2012: Polish special forces in training

Better safe than sorry! Polish special forces in spectacular show of strength ahead of Euros

Poland is investing heavily in security for next year”s European soccer championship despite downgrading the number of visitors it expects.

Commandos have been simulating a multiple hostage situation in case criminals target the world”s second largest football tournament, which is being co-hosted with Ukraine next June.

The government now expects some 800,000 football fans to visit their four host cities – Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw.

Armed and dangerous: Troopers storm a train as Poland

Armed and dangerous: Troopers storm a train as Poland”s Elite Special Forces Unit prepare for Euro 2012 with a week-long dedicated training programme

“We got above 100 million zlotys (20m) from the state budget this year that we are spending entirely on Euro 2012 security,” Polish police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski said. “This money goes first and foremost for 600 new vans. Secondly, we are also buying helmets, epaulets, pads, shields, everything that a policeman is equipped with. Let”s just hope they won”t have to be used.”

The Polish police and special forces have also held a week-long training session to better coordinate their procedures.

Colonel Piotr Gastal, head of Poland”s top special forces unit GROM, said: “We are training for the things that our unit was set up to do, business as usual, but there are more preparations ahead of Euro 2012 as there is a need for more operators.

Hijack: The routines were to prepare against hostage situations on public transport

Hijack: The routines were to prepare against hostage situations on public transport

Hijack: The routines were to prepare against hostage situations on public transport

“The Polish police holds the main responsibility for security during Euro 2012, but in case of a multiple hostage situation our unit can enter as the police are not trained or equipped enough to handle that.”

Ready for anything: The machinery involved was formidable

Ready for anything: The machinery involved was formidable

GROM has rehearsed releasing 20 or more hostages from public transport and public buildings, such as hotels and train stations.

“We are not aware of any additional, specific risks in Poland, but the sole fact of organising such an event like the Euros may be a target and we have to be prepared for various situations,” Gastal added.

Poland scaled down the number of fans it expects to visit during Euro 2012 after last week”s finals draw meant more popular teams such as Germany and England will play in Ukraine.

“Still, I hope for some several hundred million zlotys of additional revenue from fans” spending during the games,” said Marcin Herra, head of the PL2012 company dedicated to coordinating the tournament.

Extreme lengths: Divers from the special unit also practised in the Baltic Sea

Extreme lengths: Divers from the special unit also practised in the Baltic Sea

Poland also pegged a large-scale building programme to Euro 2012 and is upgrading its antiquated road infrastructure for the tournament, largely thanks to European Union”s aid funds.

“These investments is worth above 96 billion zlotys (19.1m),” Mikolaj Piotrowski said. “This speeding up in infrastructure may add a premium of some 20 billion zlotys by 2020 to the Polish Gross Domestic Product, a premium we would not have if it wasn”t for the Euros.”