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Neil Warnock: Luis Suarez needs greater protection

Warnock urges FA and Premier League protection for Suarez, despite Anfield winner

Neil Warnock has called on the FA and Premier League to reprimand clubs whose fans verbally abuse Luis Suarez as he insisted the Liverpool striker deserves greater protection.

The Uruguayan has a FA charge of improper conduct hanging over him after he made a gesture to Fulham supporters at the end of a tempestuous game at Craven Cottage last Monday. If found guilty, he faces a ban.

Suarez has become one of the most-talked about players in the Barclays Premier League and Queens Park Rangers fans baited him for long periods of Saturday’s game at Anfield but he had the final answer, scoring the goal which gave Liverpool a 1-0 win.

Cut it out: Warnock has leapt to the defence of Liverpool

Cut it out: Warnock has leapt to the defence of Liverpool”s Suarez

Warnock marvelled at Suarez’s display but it was the QPR manager’s words about the situation surrounding him that were most significant. He believes the game”s authorities have a duty to show aggressive behaviour towards players will not be tolerated.

“I think it is easy to criticise, people look for headlines, but he (Suarez) needs help,” said Warnock. “He is a foreign player in a foreign country; the crowd away from home gives him so much stick he should be protected from that as much as possible.

“Yes, he has got to learn he cannot be making gestures but, bloody hell, the stick he gets, it is about time someone did something about it. I think the FA and Premier League should. They are so quick to charge him in terms of putting a finger up.

“But look at the abuse he is getting and charge the clubs concerned. If they are going to give abuse like that, the stewards must hear it but they turn a deaf ear.”

Suarez”s header early in the second period ended a personal run of eight Barclays Premier League games without a goal but his performances have not dipped in that period. He excelled against QPR, his guile and menace ensuring Liverpool were always a threat.

Put it there: Warnock was happy to defend Suarez, despite his winner

Put it there: Warnock was happy to defend Suarez, despite his winner

Put it there: Warnock was happy to defend Suarez, despite his winner

“He has got everything,” Warnock enthused. “He gives 110 per cent every game; he never lets the defender settle, he twists and turns. All right, his finishing wasn’t so good but he still won the match. Whatever they paid for him it was worth every penny. Any team without him is a far poorer side.”

Liverpool, however, still have significant room for improvement and they are failing to put teams away, despite playing attractive football. Will they rectify the situation by spending again in January Kenny Dalglish, inevitably, is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Do I feel the need to go out and do something about that” asked Liverpool’s manager. “Aye, whichever side comes along here next, we”ll ask them to come without a keeper. That”s the best way to do it, isn”t it

“Irrespective of what I say, it’s not going to stop speculation we are going out in January to sign Joe Bloggs up front or whoever. I don”t need to say anything. Some of the football we played in the first half was brilliant, and we won’t change our beliefs or the way we play.”

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