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Rio Ferdinand uses Twitter rival Bubbly to rally fans ahead of Liverpool clash

Rio signs up for Twitter rival and issues a rallying cry to United fans ahead of grudge match against Liverpool

Liv Lee


11:46 GMT, 10 January 2013



12:08 GMT, 10 January 2013

Rio Ferdinand has issued a rallying cry ahead of Sunday's crunch match against arch rivals Liverpool and called for fans to back Manchester United.

‘Huge game. Make sure you’re behind us,’ said the defender on new voice blog website Bubbly.

‘Yes everyone, hope you’re all well
and buzzing,’ he said. ‘Got a match again coming up at the weekend
against yes, you know who it is, Liverpool FC.

Popular: Ferdinand has more than three-and-a-half million followers on Twitter and is now on rival Bubbly, too

Popular: Ferdinand has more than three-and-a-half million followers on Twitter and is now on rival Bubbly, too

got to make sure we beat them. They’re a team who we’re big rivals with
– loads of history, loads of massive games and goals in the past. And
hopefully we can add some more to that and make sure we get the three
points on Sunday.

‘We’re confident. The training and the focus starts to begin for this weekend.’

Ferdinand is a prolific user of social networking sites, especially Twitter, but is expanding his interest to Bubbly.

Effectively a talking Twitter, it allows
users to record short voice messages and post them on their profile.
Ferdinand has been building his page on the site for a few days and so
far has more than 150 followers.

Get behind us: Ferdinand asked fans to back Manchester United as they face Liverpool this weekend

Get behind us: Ferdinand asked fans to back Manchester United as they face Liverpool this weekend

Admittedly that is not quite as
impressive as his near 3.8million Twitter followers but it probably
won’t be long before he sees them transfer to his Bubbly profile en

The Manchester United defender has so far left a welcome message and discussed their 2-2 FA Cup third-round clash with West Ham.

Matt Prior phone call to Kevin Pietersen built bridges for reintegration

Prior: My phone call built the bridges for Pietersen's England reintegration



22:00 GMT, 29 December 2012

At the height of last summer’s textgate affair, Kevin Pietersen’s phone had never rung colder.

Few in English cricket were prepared to call a man many believed had, by sending a string of derogatory messages to ‘close friends’ in the South Africa dressing room, betrayed captain Andrew Strauss and severely undermined the team’s carefully fostered morale.

While several England players were minded to wash their hands of the side’s most talented but highest maintenance player, wicketkeeper Matt Prior saw the bigger picture and called his troubled team-mate in an effort to thrash out the seismic differences few in the dressing room had seen coming.

Old friends: Prior (right) and Pietersen (left) patched things up over the phone

Old friends: Prior (right) and Pietersen (left) patched things up over the phone

It was a move that showed Pietersen he was still valued by his team-mates and cemented Prior’s position as the most inclusive – and, arguably, most important – member of the team.

‘If that situation arose another 100 times, I would phone Kev another 100 times,’ Prior said. ‘It wasn’t done for any other reason than that I saw a team-mate struggling and, as far as I’m concerned, that becomes the responsibility of the players.

‘If someone isn’t happy in the dressing room then you have to go out of your way to find out what the issue is and do as much as you can to make it right.

‘That might be a case of seeing a person’s point and saying: “You know what, mate You’re right”. Or it might be a case of being honest and saying: “You need to sort a few things out”.

‘Kevin and I are both pretty straightforward and honest guys who don’t mince our words. I think he was pleased to hear from me and, from what I’ve heard him say, I think he was pleased someone made the call.

Reintegrated: Pietersen was dropped following the Headingley Test last summer

Reintegrated: Pietersen was dropped following the Headingley Test last summer

‘It was a case of “what’s up buddy You
tell me and I’ll tell you”. It was a refreshing way to have a
conversation. Sometimes, you need to say tough things to your mates in
order for them to improve and, more importantly, for the team to move

‘We’d worked extremely hard under Strauss and Andy Flower to build the team culture and we got to a good place, No 1 in the world. But what last summer proved was how fragile that team spirit can be if you don’t look after it.’

Prior’s intervention saw England’s players begin a dialogue that eventually led to Pietersen being reintegrated after he was dropped for the final Test of the summer on disciplinary grounds.

The appointment of Alastair Cook as Strauss’s successor, after the decision of England’s most successful captain of all time to resign at the end of the South Africa series, also provided an opportunity to bring Pietersen back into the fold for the tour of India.

England were rewarded with a sublime innings of 186 in the series-altering second Test win in Mumbai and an overall contribution of 338 runs at 48.28 in the series.

Down Under: Prior is currently playing in the Big Bash tournament in Australia

Down Under: Prior is currently playing in the Big Bash tournament in Australia

But it was Pietersen’s off-field contribution which impressed Prior most.

‘Kevin was absolutely sensational,’ he said. ‘The public will see he hit 180 in Mumbai, which showed his class, but we all know how good he is and that he can play those match-winning innings.

‘He was fantastic talking to the young players and passing on his experience. Because he’d been to India more than anybody else, he also knew where to go and what restaurants to eat at. Little things like that are incredibly important on a tour to somewhere like India.

‘It wasn’t just Kev who had to make changes, everyone had to. We did that well and proved we’re again a tight unit and can move forward without having to talk about it any more.’

England’s one-day squad, minus the rested Pietersen and the out-of-favour Prior, leave for their five-match tour to India on January 2.

Prior, widely acknowledged as the world’s finest wicketkeeper batsman, remains desperate to reclaim both his one-day and Twenty20 shirt and is spending his time away from the Test team honing his skills in Australia’s Big Bash tournament.

Dimitar Berbatov isn"t the first to send a message through his shirt

Putting their message across… after Berbatov's Keep Calm scribble, here's the best moments when footballers get shirty



13:40 GMT, 27 December 2012

Fulham star Dimitar Berbatov earned himself a yellow card against Southampton with a shirt emblazoned with the words 'Keep Calm and Pass Me the Ball.'

The stunt could be called arrogant, but he's hardly the first player to make a mistake as far as shirt decorations go.

Dimitar Berbatov shows off a shirt with the words 'Keep Calm and Pass Me the Ball' written on it

Arrogant: Berbatov rubbed some people the wrong way after scoring the first goal in Fulham's match against Southampton

Sportsmail took a look back at some of the more memorable messages that have been communicated through the use of a shirt.

Carlos Tevez – 'Feliz Cumple Mami'

Carlos Tevez sends his mother a birthday message using his shirt

Mummy's boy: Tevez showed off the message after scoring the only goal in Manchester City's 1-0 win over Chelsea

Tevez went for a home-made approach when he sent his Mum a birthday greeting in 2010. The words 'Feliz Cumple Mami,' which translates as 'Happy Birthday Mum,' had been scrawled on his shirt in black marker.

Mario Balotelli – 'Why Always Me'

Mario Balotelli reveals a message on his shirt that says 'Why always me' in Manchester City's clash with United

Feeling sorry for himself: The Italian revealed his shirt after scoring in the Manchester derby

After taking City ahead in last year's Manchester derby, the Italian lifted his shirt to ask the question 'Why Always Me' The message would have made more sense had the striker not spent the night before setting fire to his own home with some fireworks.

Paul Scharner – Albion crest

West Brom's Paul Scharner wore a shirt emblazoned with the Albion logo

Proud father: Paul Scharner was wearing a shirt designed by his children, who had supposedly drawn the Albion logo for luck

The West Brom midfielder angered Wolverhampton manager Mick McCarthy when he seemed to taunt Wolves fans with an Albion logo which had been drawn onto his shirt by his kids. McCarthy later apologised for accusing Scharner of 'taking the p***,' after realising what was on the shirt.

Samir Nasri – 'Eid Mubarak'

Nasri celebrated a goal against Southampton with the message 'Eid Mubarak' on his shirt

Celebration: Nasri followed Manchester City's third goal against Southampton with the words 'Eid Mubarak'

When Manchester City went 3-2 up against Southampton thanks to a strike from Samir Nasri, the French international treated watching fans to the traditional Eid festival greeting 'Eid Mubarak,' which means 'blessed festival'

Robbie Fowler – 'Support the 500 Sacked Dockers'

Robbie Fowler revealed a shirt in support of striking dock workers in Liverpool

Punished: Fowler was fined 2,000 Swiss Francs by UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Committee

The Liverpool striker was fined 2,000 Swiss Francs by UEFA after revealing a shirt that gave support to striking Liverpudlian dock workers in 1997. Liverpool were up against Brann Bergen in a European Cup Winners' Cup match and won 3-0 after a brace from Fowler.

Lee Trundle – Urinating on Cardiff shirt

Lee Trundle upset supporters in Cardiff with his offensive t-shirt

Arrested: The Swansea man was later taken into custody for a public order offence after complaints from fans, including supporters of Swansea

Trundle was arrested for a public order offence after angering Cardiff fans. During Swansea's 2-1 defeat of Carlisle in the Football League Trophy final in 2006, Trundle wore a shirt that depicted a cartoon man in Swansea kit urinating over a Cardiff shirt. He then paraded around with a flag that had 'F*** off Cardiff' written on it.

Paul Tait – 'Birmingham City S**t on the Villa'

Paul Tait caused offence with an expletive-covered shirt that said 'Birmingham City S**t on the Villa' after Birmingham's win over Carlisle United

Foolish: Tait claimed that the prank was banterous, but observers didn't see it that way

The Birmingham City midfielder was fined 3,000 for his stunt in 1995, which saw him wear a shirt emblazoned with the words 'Birmingham City S**t on the Villa.' City were up against Carlisle Untied in the Auto Windscreen Shield final and the 23-year-old scored the only goal of the match. Tait claimed that it was meant as a humourous prank, but the move received criticism from all sides.

Artur Boruc – 'God Bless the Pope'

Artur Boruc celebrated Celtic's win over Rangers with a shirt that said 'God Bless the Pope.'

'The Holy Goalie': Boruc celebrated Celtic's win over Rangers with a tribute to the Pope

The Poland international whipped off his shirt after Celtic's 3-2 win over Rangers in 2008, and was underneath wearing an undershirt featuring a picture of John Paul II and the words 'God Bless the Pope.' He was defended by manager Gordon Strachan, who said: 'If it was 'God Bless Myra Hindley,' I might have a problem.'

Liverpool – Luis Suarez support

Liverpool's Glen Johnson warms up while wearing a t-shirt bearing the name and image of team mate Luis Suarez

Defiant: Suarez had been banned for eight matches and fined 40,000 by the FA, but his teammates were determined to support his appeal

When Suarez received an eight-match ban by the FA for racially abusing Patrice Evra, there were some who felt his punishment was deserved. But not his teammates or his manager, as they donned T-shirts in support of the Uruguayan striker before Liverpool's clash with Wigan. Manager Kenny Dagliesh was in favour of the display, saying: 'It is a great reflection of the man as a character, a person and a footballer that the boys have been so supportive and so have the supporters.'

Danny Graham – 'Watford's Table Tennis Champion 2010/11'

Danny Graham boasted of his Table Tennis victory over teammate Don Cowie during Watford's 3-0 win over Portsmouth

Smug: Graham was proud of his ping-pong prowess

Danny Graham, in his days playing for Watford, managed to keep things friendly with his own comical shirt message. According to the forward the team used to enjoy a game table tennis after training sessions and Graham had emerged victorious from his most recent battle with Don Cowie. After scoring against Portsmouth in 2011 the cheeky Watford man proudly revealed a shirt on which he had written 'Watford's Table Tennis Champion 2010/11. Get Over It Lads!!!'

Frank Lampard and John Terry post Christmas present picture and Chelsea players record video messages

Blue Christmas: Terry posts picture of him and Lampard having a whale of a time



12:15 GMT, 25 December 2012

Chelsea captain John Terry was clearly in the Christmas spirit as he posted this picture of himself and Frank Lampard on his Instagram account.

The mocked up pic shows Terry having the time of his life with a Scalextric set and Lampard enjoying himself on a child's tricycle.

Scroll down for video

Top Crimbo: John Terry and Frank Lampard play with toys in this mocked up picture the Chelsea skipper posted

Top Crimbo: John Terry and Frank Lampard play with toys in this mocked up picture the Chelsea skipper posted

Although these would be fine Christmas gifts for anybody, Chelsea fans would rather Lampard was presented with a new contract.

He scored a cracker against Aston Villa from outside the box in Chelsea's 8-0 triumph on Sunday night.

Chants of 'sign him up' and 'Super Frankie Lampard' reverberated around the stadium as the fans made their point to Rafael Benitez and Roman Abramovich.

Other Chelsea players also got in the Christmas spirit by recording some short messages for this video below.

Season's greetings: Ashley Cole and David Luiz (below)

Season's greetings: Ashley Cole and David Luiz (below)

David Luiz

Oscar, Oriol Romeu, Cesar Azpilicueta, Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, Juan Mata, David Luiz and Terry all offered their supporters season's greetings.

Luiz had to tell his rowdy team-mates to 'shut up' as they were making too much noise while he recorded his segment.

Fan favourites: Juan Mata and Petr Cech (below) wished the supporters good tidings

Fan favourites: Juan Mata and Petr Cech (below) wished the supporters good tidings

Petr Cech

Players also took to Twitter as well to pass on their messages.

Victor Moses said: 'Merry Christmas everyone have a lovely day', while Ashley Cole added: 'Merry Christmas people have a lovely day and make sure you drink lots of wine and beer #enjoy'.

David Tait dies in Hong Kong

Former Sale star Tait dies in Hong Kong leaving rugby world shocked



11:50 GMT, 13 December 2012

A former Scotland and Premiership rugby union star, David Tait, has died at the age of 25.

The former Sale Sharks player is understood to have fallen from an apartment block in Hong Kong.

His Premiership rugby career had been cut short by a series of injuries, and he had since become a corporate finance manager for multinational company, KPMG.

Tragic: David Tait is understood to have fallen from a balcony in Hong Kong

Tragic: David Tait is understood to have fallen from a balcony in Hong Kong

History: Tait used to play for Sale Sharks

History: Tait used to play for Sale Sharks

The back-row forward was signed by Sale as a teenager and went on to enjoy five years with the Cheshire club.

On the international stage, he formed part of England’s training squad for the 2008-09 International Rugby Board world seven series, but did not feature for the side. He did, however, play for Scotland at the 2009 Dubai Sevens.

The rugby world has been left devastated by Tait’s tragic death, with England’s Danny Care leading the messages of condolence on Twitter.

The Harlequins player wrote: 'Couldn’t believe the news y’day.Lost a good friend and an absolute legend of a bloke David Tait. RIP mate. Sending all my love to his family.'

Northampton Saints fly-half Ryan Lamb said: 'Terrible news about the death of David Tait. Top player and a top bloke, had some awesome times playing through the age groups with him.

In a further message, Lamb added: 'Thoughts go out to his family and to the sale lads in such a bad time. #RIP'

The Rugby Players’ Association chief executive Damian Hopley also spoke of his sadness, praising the former Sale Grammar School and Manchester University student as a 'gifted and popular young man'.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Hopley said: 'The rugby community will be shattered by the passing of such a gifted and popular young man who was respected by everyone he played alongside.

'He wasn’t simply a talented rugby player, he was also extremely bright and successful in his life outside of rugby.

'We will do everything we can to help support David’s family and the players who played alongside him. His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.'

Gaston Ramirez can be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, claims Jose Fonte

Fonte: If he works hard enough Saints' Ramirez can be the next Ronaldo



22:30 GMT, 7 December 2012

Southampton defender Jose Fonte watched Cristiano Ronaldo develop from a teenage team-mate at Sporting Lisbon to one of the greatest talents in the world today.

And he recognises similar traits in Southampton's record 12million signing Gaston Ramirez.

Fonte was 17-years-old when he started playing and training with 16-year-old Ronaldo.

The next big thing Jose Fonte claims Gaston Ramirez could be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo (above)

The next big thing Jose Fonte claims Gaston Ramirez (above) could be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo

The next big thing Jose Fonte claims Gaston Ramirez (right) could be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo (left)

He used to kick him in training because he was so quick and was startled by the desire from this teenager to be better than all of the older players.

The teenage Ronaldo wanted to be stronger and faster than everyone else and he was prepared to work harder to do it.

Fonte said: 'I've seen it with my own eyes – him doing press ups in the shower. I know he worked very hard to get where he is and I'm very pleased for him because he deserves it.

'He was the youngest but he wanted to be the best all the time.

'I'm fortunate to have worked with him and I saw his progress and he inspired me to be honest because of the way he always drives and wants to be the best at everything.

'I'm very pleased for what he has achieved and he'll achieve more because he has that mentality. He never stops.'

When Ronaldo was at Manchester United and Fonte moved over to England to play for Crystal Palace the pair used to exchange messages. But they have lost contact since, as Fonte said: 'he's too big now.'

Yet when 22-year-old Ramirez joined Southampton in the summer he started to spot similar ability and is sure with a similar work-rate to Ronaldo he can be up there with the best.

Whereas he used to kick Ronaldo off the park – he can't get anywhere near the Uruguyan in training.

Friend of the stars Fonte (right) used to play with Ronaldo at Sporting Lisbon

Friend of the stars Fonte (right) used to play with Ronaldo at Sporting Lisbon

Boost: Ramirez is likely to start against Reading despite spending the past week in Uruguay

Boost: Ramirez is likely to start against Reading despite spending the past week in Uruguay

And Fonte added: 'Ability-wise he's up there with the best I must say. His technique, creativity and vision of the game and understanding are better than everyone else in the team at the moment.

'He gives us something else. Creativity-wise Ramirez is up there, no doubt about it.

'Listen, you can have all the talent in the world but if you don't work sooner or later you're going to start going down in your career.

'You have to maintain that and keep improving. And that's what Ronaldo did. That's what I try to pass on the message, for example Ramirez is 22 he knows if he wants to go even higher he has to keep working.

'He has the talent but it doesn't mean anything if you don't work.'

Arsenal to offer Theo Walcott and 8m in Raheem Sterling bid

Arsenal ready to offer contract rebel Walcott plus 8m in stunning bid to land Sterling



10:56 GMT, 17 November 2012

Rising England star Raheem Sterling could be heading to Arsenal in a deal which would see Theo Walcott sign for Liverpool.

Walcott's current deal expires at the end of the season and manager Arsene Wenger is reportedly prepared to cash in on the winger after seeing talks over a new contract hit the skids.

The Arsenal boss is a huge admirer of Sterling and, according to The Sun, is prepared to offload Walcott plus 8million in his bid to sign the Liverpool winger in January.

Raheem Sterling

Theo Walcott

Swap deal: Walcott (right) could be offloaded to Liverpool in an attempt by Arsenal to sign Sterling in January

Earlier this month, Sterling added to the uncertainty over his Liverpool future by withdrawing a tweet that was meant to reassure Anfield fans.

Sterling, who became the country's third youngest international in 100 years after making his debut against Sweden on Wednesday night, sent out mixed messages on Twitter by claiming he was going to sign a new deal on his 18th birthday next month – then removing the message.

International duty: Sterling made his England debut on Wednesday

International duty: Sterling made his England debut on Wednesday

It followed claims that his advisers were asking Liverpool for 50,000 a week.

Walcott is believed to be holding out for 90,000, but the Arsenal hierarchy are unprepared to meet his demands.

The winger, who will undergo a fitness test before today's North London derby, will be free to talk to other clubs from January 1.

Kevin Davies quit Twitter after abuse gave him sleepless nights

Bolton talisman Davies quit Twitter after abuse gave him sleepless nights



10:57 GMT, 14 November 2012

Kevin Davies has revealed Twitter abuse stopped him sleeping at night.

The Bolton striker – who hardly uses Twitter anymore – believes the social networking site is an unnecessary distraction that can play on the mind of young footballers.

'If it was me, I would advise not to go on it. I enjoyed my time on it because it gave you the opportunity to have conversations with fans and people and charities – that was fantastic.

Abuse: Kevin Davies (right) was forced to quit Twitter

Abuse: Kevin Davies (right) was forced to quit Twitter

'But when it gets to the point where you get abuse and stuff I think it can play on your mind, it can affect you.

'If you’re not sleeping at night wondering what you’re going to be waking up to, I don’t think you really gain anything out of being on there.'

Davies, who made his 600th career appearance in Wanderers’ 2-2 draw at Blackpool on Saturday, was an active participant on the social media site until May 2011.

The 34-year-old took exception to abusive messages aimed at himself and wife Emma and although he still uses his Twitter page, it is predominantly to retweet information on charitable causes.

Marvin Sordell was the subject of vile slurs on the site after claiming he was racially abused while warming up as a substitute during Bolton’s defeat against Millwall last month.

Abuse: Marvin Sordell was subjected to slurs on Twitter

Abuse: Marvin Sordell was subjected to slurs on Twitter

An offensive banner about the England Under-21 forward unfurled at the New Den last weekend in the wake of a 13-year-old fan being banned over the Sordell incident stands as the latest fall-out.]

On the barbs thrown his team-mate’s way, Davies said: 'I’ve heard a few things. I don’t really go on Twitter anymore so I can’t really comment. Not that Davies thinks Twitter is without its merits, having enjoyed the opportunity for fan interaction that the modern game often denies.

'When I was on there I had some great conversations with people,' he said.

'Sometimes after games you can’t sleep and you’re having random conversations with a fan – that side, I absolutely loved it.

'People say it’s only ‘the one per cent’ but one per cent of 180,000 people following me, that’s still a lot of stick to be getting.

'If you get family and things brought into it like that I just don’t think you need that in your life.'

Still going strong: Davies remained with Bolton despite their relegation

Still going strong: Davies remained with Bolton despite their relegation

In the wake of Bolton’s 5-0 FA Cup semi-final thrashing against Stoke in April 2011, seasoned-pro Davies found the slings and arrows difficult to deal with – making him ponder the detrimental effect of Twitter on younger players like Sordell.

He added: 'After semi-finals and stuff I was hurting and everyone else was, and it just comes to a point where you’re constantly checking, wondering if you’re getting stick.

'Why do you need that Just concentrate on your football. What you are gaining out of it as a 21 or 22-year I old, I don’t know.

'I came off it and I felt a big weight off my shoulders because you’re constantly having to wonder what you’re tweeting or having to justify yourself.'

Drugs in cycling: Marcel Six banned over missed test

Fresh doping woe for cycling as rider Six banned over missed drugs test



11:35 GMT, 26 October 2012

A cyclist has been banned for 18 months for refusing to take a drugs test because he wanted to get home to his sick children.

Marcel Six, riding for the Metaltek Scott team in an event at Canary Wharf in May, told the tester that his wife was anxious about his children and this was backed up by evidence of text messages and phone calls.

An independent national anti-doping panel ruled however that 26-year-old Six was still guilty of refusing to provide a urine sample for doping control and banned him for 18 months.

Dark days: Charges against Lance Armstrong have plunged cycling into chaos

Dark days: Charges against Lance Armstrong have plunged cycling into chaos

The panel said: 'Honourable though the athlete's motives may have been, we have no hesitation in finding that his refusal was not based on any compelling justification.

'To be blunt, even if he agreed to race only at the last minute and under pressure, the fact of the matter is that, if he had time to compete in a cycle race, he had to make time to take the test.

'If, as was later the case, he wished to put his family first, then the time to do that was before he agreed to race rather than when he came to be tested.'

The panel did reduce the usual two-year ban by six months after deciding Six was able to demonstrate 'no significant fault or negligence'.

The ban comes in the wake of Lance Armstong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

The International Cycling Union accepted the findings of a United States Anti-doping Agency investigation which concluded Armstrong and his United States Postal Service team ran 'the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen'.

USADA stripped the 41-year-old American of all results from August 1, 1998, including his record run of Tour triumphs from 1999 to 2005, and issued him with a life ban in August, sanctions the UCI have now ratified.

Paul Jewell staying at Ipswich for Derby game

Under-fire Jewell staying at Ipswich for must-win game against Derby



11:50 GMT, 22 October 2012

Paul Jewell has revealed he will remain as manager of Ipswich for Tuesday's npower Championship match at home to Derby as pressure mounts on his future.

Former West Ham boss Alan Curbishley has been linked with replacing Jewell, who considered quitting the Suffolk club following Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Hull left struggling Town winless in 10 games and still second-bottom in the table.

But the Liverpudlian received the complete backing of owner Marcus Evans and his players, among many others, when weighing up his decision and has opted to stay, although he acknowledges results must improve and quickly.

Under pressure: Ipswich manager Paul Jewell faces a must-win game against Derby

Under pressure: Ipswich manager Paul Jewell faces a must-win game against Derby

'I had another restless night on Saturday and then spoke to Marcus Evans (Ipswich's owner) on Sunday afternoon about the situation,' Jewell told the club's official website.

'We had a good chat and yet again he gave me his 100 per cent backing. I couldn't really ask for more support from the owner to be honest.

'I've had text messages of support from the players as well, from other managers and from players who have played for this club – even some I have let go!

Football League blog

'That has meant a lot to me. I've spoken to the coaching staff and we're now preparing for what is obviously a very important game on Tuesday against Derby.

'I said a few things after Saturday's game – perhaps in the heat of the moment but it's clear that results on the pitch have not been good enough. I can only continue to do my best for this football club to turn things around. That has to happen very quickly though.'

Jewell will now hope to turn matters around against Derby, with whom he endured a failed spell in charge between November 2007 and December 2008 before resigning.

Another former employer are the visitors to Portman Road on Saturday in Sheffield Wednesday, where Jewell spent eight months before his sacking in February 2001.