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Arsene Wenger expects Jack Wilshere to become an England centurion

Bale is the flavour of the month… But Wilshere will be an England centurion, claims Wenger

Jim Van Wijk, Press Association


22:50 GMT, 2 March 2013



09:40 GMT, 3 March 2013

No pressure: Jack Wilshere is expected to win 100 caps, according to Wenger

No pressure: Jack Wilshere is expected to win 100 caps, according to Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in no doubt midfielder Jack Wilshere can outlast the hype and go on to earn a century of caps for England.

Wilshere, 21, returned from more than a year out injured in October, but is already being heralded as an integral part of the future hopes of both club and country.

Arsenal head to Tottenham on Sunday, where they will come up against in-form Welshman Gareth Bale, who has drawn comparisons with Europe's best after his match-winning performances this season.

Wenger believes his own talented midfielder has everything ahead of him.

'Bale is the flavour of the moment. When you look at Wilshere, who will deny that this guy will get 100 caps for England Nobody, if he has no injury,' said Wenger.

'My worry is not to compare Wilshere with anyone else. My only worry when you are a footballer player of that talent is to become as good as you can become.

'That is the only thing that is of interest to me. I leave the comparisons to other people. My job is to get the best out of him.'

Talking a good game: Wenger (left) and Wilshere (right)

Talking a good game: Wenger (left) and Wilshere (right)

Wenger feels it is sometimes overlooked just how much Wilshere has achieved since arriving at the club aged nine.

'You tend to forget how old he is when you see him play. You never come out of a game and think 'this guy is 21 years old'. He's at a stage where the others have not started,' said Wenger.

'You think of Jack (as) an established player in the Premier League and at international level, that is still something special.'

Wenger feels Wilshere will develop into Arsenal's natural leader. He continued: 'Jack breathes football. He doesn't talk too much, but he understands everything.

On the run: Wilshere (right) takes on Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger

On the run: Wilshere (right) takes on Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger

'What he has exceeded is the speed of his physical fitness in the game. Honestly, I never expected that.'

Wilshere has yet to score in the Premier League this season, but Wenger feels that the goals will soon come.

'I believe it's part of his development to play a bit more advanced,” the Arsenal boss said.

'In some games, he is more comfortable deeper. I believe he has a little dribble that can get him through in the final third and the finishing will come.

'He's a bit in a situation like (Cesc) Fabregas was for a while. He said to me “but I cannot score goals', however you could see that it would come.

'Jack doesn't talk about it, but who doesn't want to score goals He is more a team player than a goalscorer.

'He will never be a goalscorer, but he can be capable to score.'

Arsenal head across north London defending a five-match unbeaten run, with three victories on the bounce, as they look to move back to just one point behind their rivals.

Wenger accepts there are no longer any margins for error if his team at to secure another top-four finish.

'It is still open, but I am realistic and we cannot drop points,' he said.

'One or two of the other teams will always win over the weekend. If we drop points we can fall quickly behind.

'So there are two things we cannot do – drop points and also speculate over the weaknesses of our opponents because that can be deadly as well.'

Divers like Luis Suarez are turning fans way from football, says David Moyes

Divers like Suarez are turning fans away from football, says Everton boss Moyes



23:20 GMT, 26 October 2012

David Moyes has accused players like Luis Suarez of turning supporters away from English football and he demanded serial divers be punished with bans.

The Everton manager stoked the fires ahead of the 219th Merseyside derby, which will be refereed by Andre Marriner, by admitting he is 'worried' about Suarez, especially after last season when the Liverpool striker's dramatic reaction to a challenge led to Jack Rodwell being wrongly sent off.

Moyes, who has long held strong views about players who go down too easily, referred to that incident yesterday as 'a dive' and believes the culture of players cheating to gain an advantage will eventually mean football loses spectators.

Spoiling the game Moyes believes divers should be harshly punished

Spoiling the game Moyes believes divers should be harshly punished

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'I would (be concerned about Suarez) because I think he has got history,' said Moyes.

'But I am not the referee, I am not the one that (makes decisions). But I tell you what — it will turn the supporters away from football if they think players are conning their way to results.

'People like to see things done in the main correctly. If the ball hits a hand, of course you are going to claim for it. And you will take every decision you get. But when people are out to manufacture it, supporters in general will not like it.'

When Moyes was asked if his comments were directed at Suarez in particular, he replied: ‘It is generally. I think it is a discussion to be had. I don’t think supporters like the idea of players going down easily.

'Everybody who has played football and who is involved in it, you would hate to see that happening in the games you played. You would say “get up”. You just find it very hard to go along with but you have to give the referee the chance to referee the game the way he sees it.'

Moyes added: 'Players should stay on their feet. I have got a view that retrospective viewing of diving should be seen as more important than some of the technology they are talking about coming in. I think if you banned players, it wouldn’t take long before you cut (diving) out.'

Shocker: Suarez is starting to earn himself something of a reputation

Shocker: Suarez is starting to earn himself something of a reputation

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers launched an astonishing defence of Suarez following a 0-0 draw against Stoke earlier this month, claiming he is the victim of ‘wrong and unfair treatment’, and he reiterated that Liverpool have suffered at the hands of referees.

Moyes, who is similarly aggrieved about decisions that have gone against Everton, regularly reminds his squad about the code of conduct he expects them to follow on the pitch and will not tolerate them diving.

Rodgers said: 'I have seen it over the years – the real firecrackers of games, full of intensity and passion, which they should be because that is what derbies are about. But it is also important to stay calm.'

Outspoken: Moyes is preparing his side to face Liverpool on Sunday

Outspoken: Moyes is preparing his side to face Liverpool on Sunday