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Liverpool settle out of court with Tom Hicks and George Gillett

Liverpool settle out of court with ex-chiefs Hicks and Gillett over club sale claims

Hicks and
Gillett took their case against Broughton, Purslow and Ayre – and RBS –
to court, alleging that they conspired to sell the club at a reduced

They claimed RBS and the Liverpool directors had deliberately blocked their attempts to refinance, allegations denied by RBS.

But after a lengthy and involved process led by Liverpool’s general counsel Natalie Wignall, a deal has been struck to bring an end to the legal action against Broughton, Purslow and Ayre.

The status of Hicks and Gillett’s case against RBS – whom the Americans claim were too actively involved in the sale process – remains unclear and no one at the bank was immediately available for comment.

Back to business: Now Liverpool can concentrate on the football

Back to business: Now Liverpool can concentrate on the football

At a High Court hearing in October Mr Justice Peter Smith said it was a matter which ought to go to trial.

'There is in my mind a question as to whether or not RBS truly distanced itself from the sale process,' he said.

'In reality, what actually happened between April 2010 and October 2010 can only be discerned by a trial when the relevant players give evidence and their evidence is tested by cross-examination in the light of the contemporaneous documents.

'In my view, it would be wrong and a denial of justice potentially at this preliminary stage to deny the former owners an opportunity to have a trial on this issue.

'This matter should be brought to a speedy conclusion. I would wish directions to be agreed if possible with a view to this action… being heard early in 2013.'

Cricket World Cup semi-final fix claims denied by BCCI

BCCI chief dismisses claim of fix between India and Pakistan in World Cup semi-final



19:26 GMT, 11 November 2012


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The chief of Indian cricket has rubbished renewed claims that their World Cup semi-final against Pakistan last year was fixed.

A Sportsmail article, which included content from a yet-to-be-published book, alleges that the match had been played out to a pre-planned script that was apparently e-mailed to an English-based sports betting journalist as it was being played. India won the match by 29 runs in Mohali.

Game in question: India celebrate their win over Pakistan last year

Game in question: India celebrate their win over Pakistan last year

Pakistan v India March 2011

Board of Control for Cricket in India president N Srinivasan on Sunday reacted angrily to the claims, told reporters: 'I don't generally comment on such newspaper reports but this is the farthest from the truth.

'And it is an insult to the Indian team which worked hard to win.'

Earlier this year the International Cricket Council denied it was conducting an investigation into the semi-final following reports to the contrary.

Then ICC chief Haroon Lorgat said in a statement: 'The story carried by the newspaper, in which it has claimed that the ICC is investigating the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 semi-final between India and Pakistan, is baseless and misleading.

Denial: The BCCI have hit back at the claims

Denial: The BCCI have hit back at the claims

'The ICC has no reason or evidence to require an investigation into this match.

'It is indeed sad for spurious claims to be made which only serve to cause doubt on the semi-final of one of the most successful ICC Cricket World Cups ever.'

Ijaz Butt, who was chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board at the time of the match, has called for the current board to take the matter to the ICC.

'I am no longer the chairman and it is not right for me to say anything now but I think the current chairman should take up this issue with the ICC,' he said.

Balram Chainrai denies there are problems with Portpin"s Portsmouth takeover

Chainrai denies there are problems with Portpin's takeover of stricken Portsmouth



15:08 GMT, 13 October 2012

Balram Chainrai has denied there are problems with Portpin's takeover at Portsmouth.

Pompey have been in administration since February and the npower League One outfit will go bust if a takeover is not completed.

It is the second time the club has been in administration in two years and Chainrai was at the helm the first time in February 2010, before selling to Vladimir Antonov.

Portsmouth went back into administration this year during which time Portpin retained a charge over the club's assets and Fratton Park.

Denial: Chainrai

Denial: Chainrai

Chainrai is now looking to take over the club but reports have questioned whether he will pass the fit and proper person test as Football League rules do not allow a person to own a football club or be a director if he has previously twice been a director or owner of a club when it has fallen into administration.

Following those reports, the Hong Kong-based business released a statement that said: 'Our discussions with the Football League have been positive and are progressing.

'As far as we are aware we have satisfied the majority of the criteria and we expect now to work through the last remaining points with the Football League in the coming days.

'We are very confident that we are in a position to complete the acquisition of Portsmouth Football club in the near future.'

The reports also suggested administrators PKF are set to resume discussions with the Pompey Supporters Trust (PST) next week over its takeover proposal.

The trust, which could be presented to the Football League as preferred bidder, is expecting to hear from administrator Trevor Birch soon and remains resolute in its attempts to buy Portsmouth.

'The PST position has always been clear that we have got what we believe is a credible bid,' PST spokesman Colin Farmery said.

'It has been on the table since June and we've always said that we're ready, willing and able to buy the club.

'Obviously we've seen these interesting stories overnight that have come out in the media.

'As far as we're concerned, we're in an on-going dialogue with PKF and we're expecting to get further clarification next week.

'We wrote to the Football League about a fortnight ago outlining our concerns as to why we thought that Portpin should not actually pass their owners and directors test.

'The Football League met on Thursday and nothing official has come out of that meeting at the moment.'

Former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson barred by New Zealand after charity snub

Former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson barred by New Zealand after charity snub



05:50 GMT, 3 October 2012

Barred: Mike Tyson

Barred: Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight boxing champion and convicted rapist Mike Tyson has had his visa to visit New Zealand cancelled.

And a speaking tour for the former
heavyweight boxing champion was threatening to fall apart altogether as
Australian immigration authorities said they've yet to decide whether to
allow him into the country.

Tickets for appearances in New
Zealand and five major Australian cities in November are still being
promoted by a Sydney agency.

Tyson's 1992 rape conviction would
normally prevent his entry in New Zealand and could be grounds for
denial in Australia as well. He had been granted an exemption for New
Zealand before that visa was cancelled, days after the prime minister
spoke out against the visit.

Tyson was to speak at a November
event in Auckland, the 'Day of the Champions' which is being promoted by
Sydney agency Markson Sparks!

New Zealand's Associate Immigration
Minister Kate Wilkinson said she'd initially granted entry because a
children's health charity would get some of the proceeds from Tyson's
speech. She said in a statement her decision was 'a finely balanced
call' but that the charity that would have benefited, the Life Education
Trust, withdrew its support on Tuesday.

'Given that the trust is no longer supporting the event, on balance, I have made the decision to cancel his visa,' Wilkinson wrote in her statement.

The charity's chief executive, John O'Connell, however, said the charity had long ago decided not to accept any money from the event due to its concerns over Tyson's character, but that a volunteer trustee had mistakenly sent a letter to immigration authorities supporting Tyson's plans.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship said: 'I can tell you that a decision is still pending' on Tyson's application for an Australian visa.

Big hit: Former heavyweight champion Tyson

Big hit: Former heavyweight champion Tyson

Tyson's criminal history could prevent him from obtaining an Australian visa. Would-be visitors normally must pass a character test. Those with a 'substantial criminal record' – which by the immigration department's definition includes people who, like Tyson, have been sentenced to more than a year in prison – would fail the test. But the department can still use its discretion to grant a visa.

Colorful promoter Max Markson said he'd been 'hoping it might be a smoother run with Mike Tyson' but that he remained confident Australia would grant Tyson a visa and that New Zealand would reverse its decision when he found another suitable charity.

'He'll only be in the country for 20 hours, I don't think he's a danger to anybody, and thousands of people want to see him,' Markson said of Tyson's planned New Zealand leg.

Markson said he's continuing to sell tickets to the planned speeches in both countries and that buyers will get a full refund if the shows are cancelled. He said he had immigration lawyers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States working on the case.

Speaking to the APNZ news agency this week from Las Vegas before his New Zealand visa was cancelled, Tyson said his tattoo was inspired by those worn by New Zealand's indigenous Maori.

In pre-European times, many Maori wore elaborate facial tattoos as a sign of their status in their tribe. Some Maori who identify strongly with their traditional culture get similar tattoos.

Tyson told the agency that, aside from their tattoos, he knew little about the Maori people 'so I'm looking forward to come down there and see them.'

Prime Minister John Key spoke against the planned visit this week, questioning the decision by immigration authorities and saying he personally disapproved of the visit given Tyson's conviction for such a serious crime.

Before his visa was cancelled, Tyson said: 'Fortunately, I am coming to New Zealand and there's nothing they can do about it and I'm so sorry, I'm sorry they feel disappointed and I'm just living my life.'

Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison for the 1991 rape of 18-year-old Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room. He served three years before being released on parole.

London 2012 Olympics: Stars could be banned for working with coaches guilty of doping offences

Athletes could be banned if they work with coaches found guilty of doping offences



22:35 GMT, 4 August 2012

Olympic stars could be banned in future if they work with coaches or agents found guilty of a doping offence.

Proposed new rules, designed to prevent notorious drug cheat coaches or advisers working with athletes, would mean that any competitor in a major sport who worked with a banned figure would be charged with a doping offence and liable to receive a ban.

The development comes in the wake of denials from US sprint stars Carmelita Jeter and Jason Richardson that they use Mark Block as their agent.

Denial: Carmelita Jeter has denied that she uses banned agent Mark Block as her representative

Denial: Carmelita Jeter has denied that she uses banned agent Mark Block as her representative

Block is serving a 10-year ban for his part in the BALCO scandal, the systematic programme of steroid abuse devised in San Francisco.

Professor Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC's medical commission, said last week: 'We have discussed this kind of situation in the International Olympic Committee.'

A proposed revision of the World Anti-Doping Authority code includes rules to govern the relationships between athletes and their entourages.

Ljungqvist said: 'Take the example of Marion Jones, who all of a sudden took advice from Charlie Francis (the banned coach who admitted supplying Ben Johnson with steroids).

'Those type of relations should constitute a doping offence. WADA at least is making an attempt to address this issue.'

Charles van Commenee denies he"s "senior figure" named by Toni Minichiello who called Jessica Ennis fat

I did not call Ennis fat! Van Commenee denies he's 'senior figure' named by Minichiello



00:00 GMT, 1 June 2012

UK Athletics head coach Charles van Commenee has flatly denied being the 'senior figure' in UK Athletics who reportedly called Jessica Ennis fat.

Ennis's coach Toni Minichiello claimed in an interview – which was conducted last November but only published on Friday – that Ennis had been described by the unnamed person as fat and carrying too much weight.

Van Commenee's outspoken style meant he was quickly thought of as the most likely culprit, but the Dutchman has 'guaranteed' that is not the case.

Asked about the situation while in Rome for the Diamond League meeting, Van Commenee said: 'I find it strange. I understand the concern that has been revealed almost across the nation because there are some young people who may read things into that which may jeopardise their health. So I can see that context.

Denial: Van Commenee

Denial: Van Commenee

'I was surprised to read it because it hasn't been brought to my attention before. I can imagine that people think there can be only one person who can fire those “silver bullets” as they were described and that fits my profile.

'But I can guarantee you that is not the case. I have never called Jessica Ennis fat simply because there is no reason for it. What other people may have said, I have no clue.

'I spoke to Jessica yesterday about this situation. She is totally all right with it. As we know she performed outstandingly (breaking the British record in Gotzis in the days after the story broke). For her there is no issue, for me there is no issue.'

While Ennis did indeed laugh off the story, it prompted other female athletes to reveal that such comments were not unique.

'If that's true then that is a concern, but I don't think it's the reality,' Van Commenee added.

'The reality is this. Try to think of a Formula One car. If you compare that with a Renault Megane that's two different entities, two different worlds.

Brit of alright: Jessica Ennis has laughed off claims about her weight

Brit of alright: Jessica Ennis has laughed off claims about her weight

'When you build a F1 car, you're looking into the aerodynamics, the very light material, how does the fuel get in, how large is the engine With the Renault Megane, it's all average.

'So when you look into the fine margins as a head coach, you have to find where the margins are to be found. So every so often, you go through a checklist and you say “how are you psychologically, how is your technique, how is your lifestyle, how is your weight, how is this, how is that Is there any area for improvement”

'That's an exercise that goes on all the time. These questions are asked specifically and thoroughly more than if I had a casual chat with one of you.

'So in that light athletes are approached critically but appropriately so I expect UKA employees, including myself, to use appropriate language, which we do.

Golden girl: Ennis is chasing an Olympic title

Golden girl: Ennis is chasing an Olympic title

'I would not be doing my job if I was not looking for the margins, because if I don't do it the opposition will.

'The margins are small so obviously you look into athletes' body composition and bodyweight ratio and power ratios. And bodyweight is one of these factors.'

Van Commenee admitted the use of the word 'fat' was inappropriate when dealing with female athletes.

But he does not feel it is necessary to reiterate that message to fellow members of UKA staff.

He added: 'It goes almost without saying. Do you come in the office on time Yes. Do you report back to your line manager Yes. Do you use appropriate language Yes. But do I remind people every day to do these things. No.'

Justin Fashanu was not gay, says John Fashanu

My brother Justin wasn't gay, he just wanted attention, says Fashanu



18:52 GMT, 16 March 2012

Denial: Fashanu claims his brother Justin (above) was not gay

Denial: Fashanu claims his brother Justin (above) was not gay

John Fashanu has sensationally revealed that he doesn’t believe his brother Justin was gay.

Former Wimbledon striker and TV presenter, John, has spoken in depth about his brother – who became the first professional footballer to come out in 1990 – in a candid interview with talkSPORT.

‘I don’t believe he was gay. Number two, I don’t believe he had affairs with MPs and number three I don’t believe he was having an affair with one of the young ladies from Coronation Street – it was just nonsense. Showbiz,’ said Fashanu.

‘If you had a brother who came out and said, “Hey listen, I’m gay” we’d welcome you, say “No problem” but if you had someone who came out and said, “I’m a spaceman” when you’re not a spaceman then that’s a bit silly.

Justin remains the only professional footballer to have come out in this country, and his brother believes that will remain the case.

‘It’s a macho man’s game and I think there are reasons why we haven’t had any gay footballers come out,’ he said.

‘I don’t believe there will be. I’m not saying there aren’t some there, but I can tell you in twenty years of playing all my matches I have never come across a gay footballer.

Strained relationship: John admitted he didn't get on with his brother

Strained relationship: John admitted he didn't get on with his brother

‘I’m not someone who says, “I’ve got
black friends, they’re all good people.” I’m not going to say “I’ve got
gay friends, who are all good people.” It’s unfortunate because I don’t
believe he was, and if he was, who gives a rat’s a*** So what But
don’t go and sell your stories or make up stories for money for goodness
sake. I’m heterosexual, will I make it on to the front page of the

Fashanu added: ‘My daughter was very close to her uncle and it has taken a long time for her to understand that Justin wasn’t really gay, he just wanted attention. I remember Justin coming out with another story about him dating Coronation Street lady as well. Again, that was another made up story to get front pages. When I said this to Justin he’d say, “I need publicity, I need publicity.” That was where he’d derive his attention and his money.

‘It wasn’t the fact of him being gay, or whether he’s white or whether he’s black, that was never a concern to me whatsoever. What was a concern to me was somebody going and screaming on the rooftops ‘I’m black’ or ‘I’m heterosexual’ or ‘I’m gay’ to get publicity or money. Making up stories to get attention.’

Tragedy: Justin committed suicide in 1998

Tragedy: Justin committed suicide in 1998

Fashanu also revealed that his relationship with with his brother was strained around the time of Justin’s suicide in 1998.

‘Strained, I would say,’ he said. ‘I had to look at my mother who had cancer at the time, I had to take the mantle of being head of the family because Justin was not acting accordingly. My mum could not understand for the life of her she couldn’t understand this man, her son, so I made it clear that I could do whatever’s necessary to protect my family.

‘Some people might say it’s selfish, my daughter said to me, “You’re my Daddy, I love you, but you were selfish, you disowned your brother.” I said, “I didn’t disown my brother, but I pushed him further away because of the challenges that he was going to bring into our family.”’

Jermaine Pennant fined by Stoke for 5am booze session

Bad boy Pennant punished after 5am booze session on day of Premier League match

Jermaine Pennant has been fined for going out drinking until 5am on the day of a match.

The Stoke winger has been involved in two breaches of discipline and details of his misdemeanours have now been revealed – a week after manager Tony Pulis denied there was a rift with the player.

Fined: Stoke have taken action against winger Jermaine Pennant after his late night antics

Fined: Stoke have taken action against winger Jermaine Pennant after his late night antics

The most serious incident came on the eve of Stoke's match away to Everton earlier this season.

Staying in the team hotel ahead of the match in December, Pennant broke the club's curfew to go out drinking in a nightclub.

Caught out: Pennant broke the club's curfew ahead of their visit to Everton earlier this season

Caught out: Pennant broke the club's curfew ahead of their visit to Everton earlier this season

He did not return to his room until the next morning and was later dropped from the matchday squad for the 1-0 win at Goodison Park.

Pennant, who came on as a substitute last weekend in the Barclays Premier League win over Noriwch, was also involved in a separate breach of discipline before the FA Cup win over Crawley last month.

Problems: Pennant was also charged with a separate breach of discipline

Problems: Pennant was also charged with a separate breach of discipline

The two incidents have left the winger's relationship with Pulis strained despite the Stoke boss' insistence last week that there were no problems between the two.

Pulis said: 'Anything I do with players, it is between me and the players, but there are no problems.'

Denial: Stoke boss Tony Pulis had denied there was a rift with the player last week

Denial: Stoke boss Tony Pulis had denied there was a rift with the player last week

Graham Poll: Jay Spearing had to be sent off

Spearing was out of control! Friend had to give Liverpool midfielder his marching orders

Kevin Friend was right to dismiss Jay Spearing for his lunging challenge on Moussa Dembele despite the fact the Liverpool man played the ball before catching his opponent.

Spearing was out of control of his forward movement and the force at which he caught the Fulham forward led Friend to dismiss him for serious foul play.

Lunge: Jay Spearing fouls Fulham

Lunge: Jay Spearing fouls Fulham”s Moussa Dembele before being sent off

The primary concern for a referee is the safety of the players and if a reckless challenge endangers that safety then the player must be sent off.

Looking at the pictures it is hard to disagree that the challenge was reckless and endangered Dembele’s safety. I have long argued that playing the ball does not make a player exempt from disciplinary action; the challenge from Spearing proves that.

Lucky: Philippe Senderos (left) could have been sent off for Fulham

Lucky: Philippe Senderos (left) could have been sent off for Fulham

Liverpool can argue that Fulham should also have been reduced to 10 men as Phillipe Senderos committed two clear cautionable offences. The first was a very good decision from Friend as the Swiss defender brought Charlie Adam down right on the edge of the Fulham penalty area.

It was a close call but a correct one as was the decision to show a yellow card as it was not the denial of an obvious goalscoring opportunity.

Senderos was later seen on TV to have pulled Andy Carroll back as Liverpool broke forward; had Friend seen that he would have sent Senderos off.

But of course he doesn’t have the luxury of video replays.