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James McClean looks a sorry state as Irish winger has nowhere to hide after Twitter outburst

McClean looks a sorry state as Ireland winger has nowhere to hide after Twitter outburst

Colin Young


21:23 GMT, 9 September 2012



21:23 GMT, 9 September 2012

He may have won his Ireland reprieve
with a humiliating apology on Saturday afternoon but James McClean
looked like a man who wanted to be a million miles away from Kingston on
Sunday morning.

The neat and tiny Kingsmeadow ground
on the outskirts of London – The Cherry Red Records Stadium to give it
its full title – plays host every week to modest crowds watching League
Two and non-league matches.

The only notable spectators in the
stands were keeper Keiren Westwood and defender Sean St Ledger, who are
both likely to be left to their own devices on Tuesday as well, sitting
out the friendly at Craven Cottage.

Ireland's James McClean

Feelign the heat: Ireland's James McClean

Other than them, a small throng of Irish journalists, a few bemused AFC Wimbledon officials and their ground staff, plus assorted FAI bodies, had assembled to observe a training session with the legendary Giovanni Trapattoni and his Ireland team.

All our eyes were on McClean. And through the searing south-west London heat, the poor lad toiled for every painful second. He looked like a man, in fact a boy, who wanted the ground to swallow him up and put an end to his very obvious misery.

No doubt still living through the stupidity of pressing the send button on his phone from the team bus on Friday night, McClean looked like a footballer with the weight of the world on his shoulders. And this was a Sunday morning run-out in Kingston.

The moment the practice match bibs were handed out, McClean knew he was in trouble.

Robbie Brady, anxious, excited and eager to impress, was handed one of the orange garments. McClean was overlooked by the coaches, left to ponder how much of a twit he has been in the reserve team, and then plonked in the centre of midfield, presumably as additional punishment. Every touch, every shot, every moment went awry. And he struggled to hide his contempt and disappointment.

Not amused: Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni

Not amused: Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni

This time he didn't need Twitter to make a twit of himself. The ball was doing it for him.

It was almost painful to watch, and as an observer who has seen every one of McClean's home matches since he made his sensational arrival at the Stadium of Light under Martin O'Neill in nine months, it was an alien performance and unlike anything the winger seems capable of.

The boy from Derry had not expected his Ireland career to shape up this way when he made the difficult and controversial choice of picking this particular colour of green for his international future.

Although he has no right to expect a starting place in the Irish team yet, and although he is still naive, raw and inexperienced, he surely deserves better treatment – and longer than 17 competitive minutes – for being hauled across to Italy, Hungary, Poland and now Kazakhstan.

As Sportsmail's columnist Kevin Kilbane said last week, McClean is Ireland's in-form Premier League player and he should be in the team from the start.

Sadly Trapattoni takes the opposite view and he appeared to have little sympathy with the player's well-publicised remarks and his obvious agony. There was no arm round McClean's shoulder, in fact there was little if any eye contact.

If Trapattoni is trying to ruin another young Irish footballer, who just happens by coincidence to play for Sunderland, and run him out of the squad, he is going the right way about doing it.

In favour: Robbie Brady (left)

In favour: Robbie Brady (left)

By contrast, Brady was having the time of his life.

Maybe it was the bib, maybe it was the call-up and the chance to show his talents to the senior boys. Whatever it was, Brady was the one winger with a smile on his face as he came off the lush Kingsmeadow turf. Trapattoni even had a private word with him, very publically in front of the main stand.

'It was my first few hours and I really enjoyed it,' Brady said. 'They are a good group of lads and I have been welcomed from the first moment I came in.

'I know John O'Shea from United and Paul McShane when I was at Hull, so I know quite a few of the lads from being around the football scene so it was not as if I was coming in and not knowing anybody. They made me fit in so it was great.

'The manager had a quick word and said that he had me on the radar for a while so I'm glad to hear that and that I am in.

'I've been working hard all year, it's been a good season for the 21s and I got my best ever run with Hull and I'm just delighted to have been called up to the squad. And, hopefully, come Tuesday if I get a chance I'll be able to show what I'm about.

'But I just don't want to come in, meet everybody, say 'hello' and go back out. Hopefully I have come in to stay.'

And while he may not have played a meaningful minute in a Manchester United shirt, and failed to hold down a regular starting place at Hull City last season, the Baldoyle Boy, once of St Kevins, has been promoted in to Tuesday's starting line-up ahead of McClean.

To add insult to McClean's hurt, he even talked up Brady to an extent even Sir Alex wouldn't recognise him.

'He's a type of player we are missing,' said Trapattoni. 'He has vision, can pass and can shoot, like James McCarthy but he has other midfield work like Meyler. Brady sees the pass immediately, he has the pitch in front of him, he can pass and shoot, he is intelligent and clever.'

Robbie was not the only Brady on Trapattoni's mind.

At the end of his pitchside press briefing, the Italian was informed of Liam Brady's surprise criticism of his old manager's style of play which was adopted in Poland and failed. The depressing long ball tactic was restored in Astana and even Brady found it painful to watch.

It was at this moment – to the amusement of the Wimbledon staff at least – that Trapattoni became typically animated, voluble, yet no entirely coherent. He even grabbed a pen and pad and scribbled diagrams and notes. His minders wanted him out of there, but Trapattoni wanted to talk. Or shout. And it was still clear as mud.

But he said: 'Liam Brady He was never a manager

'I lie awake in the night and I think about a new team, how we play in defence, how we develop the game.

'In the first 50 minutes, we had three chances, how many after one hour You could pass the ball for 80 minutes and still lose one or two nil.

'We had to save energy. So then we play the long ball and the second ball. We're not Manchester United – tip tip tap tap – we needed our strength.'

Brian Clough once said of players showing dissent. 'Well, we talk about it for 20 minutes and then decide I was right.'

As Liam Brady will tell Robbie Brady and James McClean, it is a philosophy Giovanni Trapattoni knows very well, and they will have to accept that. Or stay at home.

John Terry racism row: Rio Ferdinand denies Twitter attack on Ashley Cole

United star Ferdinand denies aiming racist attack at Cole after 'choc ice' tweet



08:10 GMT, 15 July 2012

Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has denied using Twitter to aim a racist taunt at Ashley Cole.

The defender responded to a tweet in which Chelsea star Cole was described as a ‘choc ice’ because of his role in the trial last week in which his club captain, John Terry, had been accused of racially abusing Ferdinand’s brother, QPR defender Anton.

But on Sunday Ferdinand tweeted: 'What I said yesterday is not a racist term. Its a type of slang/term used by many for someone who is being fake. So there.'

At odds: Former England team-mates John Terry (left) Rio Ferdinand (centre) and Ashley Cole

At odds: Former England team-mates John Terry (left) Rio Ferdinand (centre) and Ashley Cole

Cole appeared as a witness for Terry’s
defence and testified that his team-mate had not used racial language in
his clash with Ferdinand as an insult, but was only repeating back the
words after Ferdinand mistakenly believed he had used them.

The term ‘choc ice’ can be used as a
racially insensitive term to describe black people who are seen to have
betrayed their ethnicity.

Terry was cleared of racially aggravated abuse, a charge he had consistently denied.

The latest row began when a Twitter
user sent Rio Ferdinand a public message which read: ‘Looks like Ashley
Cole’s going to be their choc ice. Then again he’s always been a
sellout. Shame on him.’ Ferdinand appeared to endorse the insult when he
replied: ‘I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic hahahahahahha!!’

However, Ferdinand then appeared to
attempt to defuse the apparent insult by tweeting about ice cream. He
wrote: ‘I’m more a cherry brandy man! Used to go for the twisters too
back in the day! Classics.’

Laughing off: Rio Ferdinand appears to endorse the tweet branding Ashley Cole a 'choc ice' by responding: 'I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic. Hahahahahahhha!!'

Laughing off: Rio Ferdinand appears to endorse the tweet branding Ashley Cole a 'choc ice' by responding: 'I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic. Hahahahahahhha!!'

But his next tweet again appeared to
make reference to his brother’s court case by adding: ‘Its Sarcasm!’
Terry had claimed at Westminster Magistrates’ Court that he was being
sarcastic rather than racist in his clash with Ferdinand.

Some fans rounded on Rio Ferdinand
and accused him of using racially insulting language. One Twitter user
reported his comments to the Metropolitan Police Twitter account. The
user wrote: ‘Can I make a complaint about this tweet which I find
offensive from Rio Ferdinand. Unbelievable from him.’

Witness: Cole arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday

Witness: Cole arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday

Ferdinand initially appeared bullish
about the response, writing: ‘And if I want to laugh at something
someone tweets….I will! Hahahahaha! Now stop getting ya knickers in a
twist!’ The tweets were later deleted.

Cole apparently moved to calm the row
when his lawyers said in a statement: ‘Ashley has been made aware of
the discussion following comments appearing on Twitter and wishes to
make it clear that he and Rio Ferdinand are good friends and Ashley has
no intention of making any sort of complaint.

‘Ashley appreciates that tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments.’

Cleared: Terry was found not guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand

Cleared: Terry was found not guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand

Terry was prosecuted over remarks he
was alleged to have made during his clash with Anton Ferdinand in a
Premier League match last October.

The ex-England captain was accused in
court of hurling a volley of racial abuse at Ferdinand after being
taunted over his alleged affair with the girlfriend of his former
Chelsea team-mate, Wayne Bridge.

Terry admitted calling Ferdinand a
‘f****** black c***’ as they traded insults on the pitch. But the
31-year-old claimed he was simply repeating the words after being
falsely accused of saying them.