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Joey Barton likens Sunderland to Deliverance and takes a Twitter sabbatical

Barton takes Twitter sabbatical, but not before likening Sunderland to Deliverance



22:29 GMT, 24 March 2012

Prolific tweeter Joey Barton has decided to take a break from the social networking site, but the QPR midfielder bowed out in his inimitable style, aiming a broadside at the city of Sunderland.

After airing his frustrations at being an unused substitute for QPR's 3-1 reverse at the Stadium of Light, the controversial 29-year-old said:
'Reminds me of a film this 5under1and place………can't think which one. #thedeliverance.'

Getting to know you: Joey Barton (right) shares a moment with the Sunderland faithful

Getting to know you: Joey Barton (right) shares a moment with the Sunderland faithful

Prior to the match, Barton tweeted his frustrations at not making boss Mark Hughes's first XI.

'All time low………2 ways out. 1.Work hard 2.Worker harder', and 'Very, very disappointed.'

And in what Barton claims will be his final missive for a while, Barton went on to say: 'Going to take a little twitter sabbatical before I say something I'll end up regretting. Have a good few weeks people.'

Speaking his mind: Barton's tweets

Speaking his mind: Barton's tweets

Based on James Dickey's novel, John Boorman's nightmarish 1972 film sees four Atlanta businessmen canoeing along the Cahulawassee River on an ill-fated weekend.

David Lloyd: Broad"s scrambled legs worth shelling out for

Broad's scrambled legs worth shelling out for

That scrambled single during Stuart Broad's excellent counter-attack was a coach's dream.

When Duncan Fletcher was coach he would pull to one side any player run out and ask them: 'Where was your dive'

Broad used every inch of his 6ft 7in
frame to make his ground by millimetres and had the awareness to jump up
and scamper another single. Excellent cricket.

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Scramble: Broad dives to avoid being run out

Scramble: Broad dives to avoid being run out


There was much debate during the first Test and before the second about the legitimacy of Saeed Ajmal's bowling action.

Well, I have made a few enquiries and I understand that the umpires in this series have no problems with it at all.

And that means that nothing will be done by the International Cricket Council either.


Looked like divorce was on the cards
for England couple Jimmy Anderson and Graeme Swann when they had a
marital skirmish in the afternoon.

Grumpy old Jimmy told his mate in no
uncertain terms that he wanted him closer at second slip, reminding me
of the forthright exchanges they have in Dickie Pinks, a salubrious
hostelry in Jimmy's home town of Burnley.

Spat: James Anderson in a marital dispute

Spat: James Anderson in a marital dispute


England had to battle to gain a good
first-innings lead – with perfect, positive batting from the lower
order, which took the attack to Pakistan.

Broad used his height to get a big stride in and dispersed the field with a couple of big shots.

He forced the fielders to where he wanted them – not where Misbahul-Haq wanted them.

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Wonderful to see Monty Panesar, the housewives' favourite, back in business and the question now is, how does he get in the England team regularly

The answer comes when Tim Bresnan is fit again.

Move Matt Prior to six, bring in Bresnan at seven and leave out Eoin Morgan to make room for Monty in a five-man attack. Simples…


A surreal Test series, this. Not only are we playing in the middle of the desert but we also have two female German press officers looking after us.

One of them bears a striking resemblance to Helga from TV's 'Allo 'Allo and seems more interested in finding the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

No sign of Herr Flick yet, mind.


Talking of Germans, Martin Kaymer has let me down over the road at the golf club. He's missed the cut!

Still, my dirhams are riding on a Spaniard, an Irishman and a Scotsman now – so come on Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy and Paul Lawrie.

Might even be able to pop over and cheer them on this Sunday if England do the business on Saturday.