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Chris Samba: Russian clubs vow to hunt down fan who threw banana

Russian clubs vow to hunt down 'b*stard' who threw banana at Samba



23:27 GMT, 22 March 2012

The Russian fan who threw a banana at Chris Samba has been described as a 'b*stard' in an official statement by the clubs looking to track him down.

Anzhi Makhachkala and Lokomotiv Moscow decided to put an end to a war of words by issuing a joint statement about the incident that happened after their match on Sunday.

Target: A banana was thrown at former Blackburn defender Samba

Target: A banana was thrown at former Blackburn defender Samba

Samba, who joined Anzhi from Blackburn last month, threw a banana back into the crowd after it landed by him as he left the pitch.

The clubs say they have identified the perpetrator and have released a statement which may have been a little lost in translation.

In the English version posted on the Anzhi website, they said: 'The common task of the concerned parties is to find and make public a concrete bastard whose conduct raised talks not about football itself or the quality of game but about regular scandal.'

The word 'podonka', contained in the Russian version, can also be translated more gently as 'scoundral'.

The statement continued: 'Such people cannot be referred to true experts and fans of football. They have nothing in common with real supporters of the clubs. Such personalities can be characterized by just one word – provocateur.

'Only by joint actions we can come to that the provocations of such kind would never become a usual event in the Russian Football. We'll make all our efforts so that to find this person and punish him in a proper way.

'We stress that owing to the videotapes recorded by cameras the provocateur and his movement in the stadium before, during and after the match became known to us.

'Conduct of a single provocateur mustn't be treated as racist actions of the fans and can't serve as grounds for the disciplinary sanctions imposed on the clubs as they don't reflect a real situation on the stadium before, during and after the match. Such position will help us to avoid not only emergence of imitators-followers but put an end to any attempt of disgracing the club-opponent.'

Home team Lokomotiv initially claimed the incident didn't happen, before later claiming that an Anzhi supporter had in fact thrown the banana.

Anzhi insisted Lokomotiv prove or retract the statement, but the two sides have now decided to work together rather than trade insults.

Samba admitted he had been saddened by the incident, which comes after several alleged racist incidents in Russian football over the last few years.