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Tony Hibbert in hoodie with Everton fans during FA Cup clash against Oldham

Hoodie is no help for Hibbert who is spotted in with the Everton fans for Oldham clash

enjoyed a testimonial at Goodison.

The match, against AEK Athens, was the only time Hibbert has scored for the club.

He tucked home a free-kick to seal a 4-1 win and prompt a mass pitch invasion.

VIDEO: Everton fans run amok after Hibbert finally scores

Stewart leaves British athletics under a cloud after coaching Mo Farah to gold

Stewart leaves British athletics under a cloud after coaching Farah to gold

Stewart was described by UKA as ‘a
vital cog in the machinery of British athletics for more than 20 years,
most notably as meeting director for the successful televised series
where Britain has built a reputation for hosting the best meetings in
the world, both indoors and outdoors’.

De Vos said last night: ‘Ian leaves us in great shape to take these events from strength to strength.

‘I’d like to thank him for his work and wish him well in his future career.’

Stewart was one of the world’s leading
distance runners during the late 1960s and mid-1970s. He won a 5,000m
bronze medal at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, adding to the European gold
he had captured three years earlier in Athens.

Tomas Rosicky blames Arsenal form on possession

Rosicky blames Arsenal's slump on lack of possession as Gunner face crisis



23:48 GMT, 5 December 2012

Tomas Rosicky has blamed Arsenal's poor start to the season
on their inability to keep possession like Arsene Wenger's teams of old.

The Arsenal midfielder questioned his team's confidence and
said he could understand the fans' frustration after the club's worst start to
the season for 18 years. Arsenal lie tenth in the Barclays Premier League with
only 21 points from their first 15 games.

Rosicky, who started his first match this season and scored
in Arsenal's 2-1 defeat by Olympiacos in the Champions League on Tuesday night,
said: 'Sometimes we don't keep the ball as we used to. It is definitely a
matter of confidence. You can see there are more back passes than we used to
do. You have to gain confidence by winning the next game.

Lashing out: Tomas Rosicky (centre) criticised Arsenal's possession

Lashing out: Tomas Rosicky (centre) criticised Arsenal's possession

'I can understand the frustration as I am an Arsenal fan as
well. We all have to stick together. That is what we did last season when
everyone wrote us off and we came back stronger.

'It will be difficult, there is no doubt about it, but we
are OK to do it again. We have to sort it out quickly.'

The statistics back up
Rosicky's observations, with Arsenal averaging 59.3 per cent of possession in
the league so far this season compared to 60.1 per cent in their last campaign.
Wenger's side are making and completing more passes, too, but are less
clinical, with just one goal in their last three league games.

Rosicky impressed on his 45-minute comeback in Athens after
aggravating an achilles tendon problem while playing for the Czech Republic at
last summer's European Championships.

Gutted: Arsenal lost to Olympiacos to miss out on top spot

Gutted: Arsenal lost to Olympiacos to miss out on top spot

The midfielder said the injury was a particularly
frustrating setback and claimed he has to 'fight constantly' to avoid being
kicked by opponents during games.

'How can you defend yourself when someone kicks you,' said
Rosicky. 'It is frustrating for me to pick up another injury. During the season
I had already received a kick on my achilles and then I got finished off in the

'For the position I play, I always have someone on my back
and with the position I have, I am often receiving the ball with someone behind
me. How can I defend myself 'It is part of the game and I have to take it. It
is difficult for me. I have to fight constantly and that is what I am able to

Amir Khan on why he gave up karate, his cookery skills and Dubai

It's top secret: Amir Khan on why he gave up karate, his cookery skills and Dubai



22:30 GMT, 23 November 2012

Amir Khan tells Sportsmail about the embarrassing reason he packed in karate as a nine-year-old as well as the worst moment of his career and why he's not one for karaoke.

Who is your sporting hero

Muhammad Ali. He was the greatest there has ever been and ever will be. He was a champion in the ring but he set himself apart by being a champion outside the ring, too.

What would you be if you weren’t a sportsman

I would have quite liked the idea of being involved in business but, saying that, I’d have probably ended up working in a supermarket.

Let us in: Amir Khan reveals some of his secrets

Let us in: Amir Khan reveals some of his secrets

Which other sportsman would you like to be

I wouldn’t mind being a footballer, so I’ll say Wayne Rooney. Football is so much easier than boxing, in that you are working as part of a team and you can rely on others.

Career highlight

Winning a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

It was unbelievable and I still feel humbled when I think about the support I received from the nation. I was only a kid and it totally changed my life.

And the worst moment

I don’t have to think too hard about this one. Losing my world titles to Danny Garcia in Las Vegas. It was such a frustrating night.

Favourite karaoke song

I wouldn’t be in a hurry to get up as I promise you I can’t sing!

If I had to give it a go, I’d go for something everyone knows. Frank Sinatra and My Way, maybe

My Way: Frank Sinatra's classic would be Khan's karaoke choice

My Way: Frank Sinatra's classic would be Khan's karaoke choice

Three most-listened to songs on your ipod

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor; then I’ll take anything by Jay Sean and Sean Paul.

Last film you saw

Man On Fire. It was really good, actually. Denzel Washington was brilliant, as he always is.

Favourite pre-fight meal

I tend to have something light, usually salmon with vegetables.

Can you cook Best dish

Yes, I can cook and I would say that the sea bass dish I do with rice and vegetables would be the best one. I watch plenty of cookery shows on TV, so I’m not bad.

Your favourite holiday destination

It can only be Dubai. It’s peaceful, the beaches are beautiful and you are guaranteed nice weather.

In a film of your life, who would YOU like to play you

Denzel Washington. It’s that simple. He’s the man and I couldn’t think of anyone better.

The man: Khan would love Denzel Washington to play him in a film of his life

The man: Khan would love Denzel Washington to play him in a film of his life

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought

I really love watches and I have got quite a few. I bought an Audemars Piguet with diamonds a while ago that, let’s just say, didn’t come cheap.

Tell us a secret…

Not many people know this. When I was nine, I enjoyed karate and had big hopes when I went to my first tournament.

My interest in the competition ended, though, when I got punched in the face… by a girl.

It was probably one of the hardest shots I’ve ever taken!

Arsenal"s Champions League rivals Montpellier charged by UEFA

UEFA charge Arsenal's Champions League rivals following disturbance in Greece



16:44 GMT, 8 November 2012

Arsenal's Champions League rivals Montpellier have been charged by UEFA following violent disturbances by fans at Tuesday's clash with Olympiakos.

Around 100 fans from the Ligue 1 outfit clashed with riot police at Karaiskakis Stadium in Athens before the match, which was won by 3-1.

UEFA said their disciplinary panel will review the case on November 22, the day after they play the Gunners in London.

Flared up: There was trouble before and after Olympiakos' Champions League clash with French side Montpellier, a thrilling match won 3-1 by the Greeks

Flared up: There was trouble before and after Olympiakos' Champions League clash with French side Montpellier, a thrilling match won 3-1 by the Greeks

Flared up: There was trouble before and after Olympiakos' Champions League clash with Montpellier, a thrilling match won 3-1 by the Greeks

European football's governing body also charged the Greeks for 'insufficient organisation' at the match, with an additional notice for fans throwing missiles and aiming laser-pen beams at players.

Olympiakos face a further mandatory fine after five players were shown yellow cards.

Arsenal beat the Greeks at Emirates stadium on matchday two, following a 2-1 win in France, but have since mustered just one point from back-to-back games against German side Schalke.

Ian Thorpe suffered crippling depression through career

Swimming legend Thorpe afflicted by 'crippling depression' through career



08:37 GMT, 13 October 2012

Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe has opened up about living with 'crippling depression' throughout his career.

In excerpts from an upcoming biography, the five-time Olympic champion has revealed the illness was so bad at times he thought of suicide.

The 30-year-old said there were times in his life that made him 'shudder' at what he might have done as he planned potential places to end his life, although he was quick to add he is still uncertain whether he could have gone through with it.

Admission: Ian Thorpe says he has suffered from depression

Admission: Ian Thorpe says he has suffered from depression

And Thorpe – one of Australia's most recognised sports people – also revealed that at some of the worst times he turned to alcohol in a bid to quell the thoughts running about his head.

'It was the only way I could get to sleep,' revealed Thorpe in an extract from his upcoming book This Is Me: The Autobiography.

'It didn't happen every night, but there were numerous occasions, particularly between 2002 and 2004 as I trained to defend my Olympic titles in Athens, that I abused myself this way – always alone and in a mist of disgrace.'

Thorpe said he was able to hide the effects of alcohol from team-mates and coaches and continued to enjoy one of the best periods of his career, despite his private battle with depression.

Disguise: Thorpe felt he could hide the truth from his colleagues

Disguise: Thorpe felt he could hide the truth from his colleagues

The swimmer said he also felt the need to stay silent about his depression, thinking it was a 'character flaw'.

As a result he has never spoken about it to his parents.

'Not even my family is aware that I've spent a lot of my life battling what I can only describe as a crippling depression,' he wrote.

'Now I realise it's time to be open.

'I need to talk to them about it…I know how Mum will react; she'll cry and ask me why I didn't tell her and then she'll tell me how proud she is that I've finally talked about it.

'Dad is different. I'm not sure how he'll react. I know it'll take time for him to come to terms with it and how it fits in with his religious beliefs.

'I hope it does because family means a lot to me.'

London Paralympics 2012: David Weir goes for fourth gold medal

Weirwolf of London: The man they call 'The Animal' is going for his fourth gold medal of the Paralympics



19:57 GMT, 8 September 2012

David Weir, muscles popping, veins bulging, teeth bared and chest exposed, threatened to live up to his 'Weirwolf' nickname and burst clean through his vest.

The man they call 'The Animal' had completed the first part of a challenge set eight years ago by the woman he calls 'The Beast'.

David the Goliath: David Weir captures his third Paralympic gold medal in the Olympic Stadium

David the Goliath: David Weir captures his third Paralympic gold medal in the Olympic Stadium

After covering more than nine miles in seven days, he roared across the line for a third gold in the Olympic Stadium, a T54 800m title, to add to the 5,000m and 1,500m golds he won in the week.

The second part of the challenge begins at 11.30am today, as he wheels down The Mall to begin a 26.2-mile assault on the streets of London in the marathon.

If he wins, it would surely propel him above Bradley Wiggins, Jess Ennis and Mo Farah as the greatest achiever of this finest summer of sport.

Only then will Jenny Archer, a grandmother, coach and 'The Beast' behind his success, allow him to reflect upon his achievements.

'After his first gold I said, “one down, three to go”,' she revealed. 'Then it was, “two down, two to go”. And on Thursday I said, “you've done your job on the track, now for the road”.'

Archer is a relentless taskmistress. She has put in place a rigorous training regime, involving former professional cyclists as pacemakers and a back-up team of physiotherapists and sports psychologists, to ensure the man she first coached as an eight-year-old delivers on their pact.

Weir the best: David celebrates his gold in the the T54 800m with his girlfriend Emily

Weir the best: David celebrates his gold in the the T54 800m with his girlfriend Emily

'I've always kept an eye on his progress after getting him into sport as a kid,' said Archer.

'He came back to me just before the
Athens Paralympics where he won one bronze and I asked him what his
goals were. He said he wanted to be No1 in the world, break world
records, win gold medals, European titles and, most of all, to win in
London. I promised to take him there.

'I knew once he got the 5,000m [his first final, last Friday] out of the way he could win them all.'

Weir competed at the Atlanta Games in 1996 as a 17-year-old, finishing out of the medals in the 100m final.

The sparse crowds and lack of interest in Britain proved his undoing,
as he fell out of love with wheelchair racing, preferring to go
'clubbing with mates' at home in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Four years later, he sat on his sofa at home in tears watching Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson compete at the Sydney Games.

'Dave has natural talent,' said Archer. 'But he needed someone there to
push him and the only way to do it was to give him a kick up the
backside. I taught him a whole new way of thinking about his training. I
said, “if you want all this you'll have to change your outlook. You
have to come to Richmond Park at 7.30am and be out on the track until
half six at night. He has not wavered from his training once in eight

Archer is the queen of exercising change in athletes.

For 11 years she was fitness coach at Wimbledon FC, charged with bringing the 'Crazy Gang', including Dennis Wise and Vinnie Jones, under control.

'They called me a “Hitler” but all that work I made them do meant they won the FA Cup. I'm doing the same with Dave. He calls me “The Beast” because I'm there bringing out the best in him,' she said.

It is the speed work which Weir dreads so much – one training session a week includes 12 sets of 100m sprints – that has seen him prevail over one of the toughest fields in Paralympic athletics.

As he rounded the final bend of the 800m on Thursday, the Swiss racer Marcel Hug stuck with Weir.

But to howls from the British athletes watching and screams from 80,000 spectators, Weir produced a turbo-charged finish.

Hug, who has trailed in Weir's wake three times this week and will oppose him again in the marathon, is at a loss to explain his extra pace.

Marathon man: David Weir facing another test on Sunday

Marathon man: David Weir facing another test on Sunday

'I just couldn't do anything to beat him,' he said. 'He is so fast, so strong and the crowd were like an extra wind behind him. His chair is a different brand but the only real difference is that it was going quicker than mine. He just has a better way of attack. I don't know how he does it.'

Perhaps at 33, in the form of his life and with a dogged determination, he is simply unbeatable at the moment

'I don't know about that,' said Weir. 'The marathon is going to be tough. I've done the mileage to cover all those distances, but you can't train for these emotions.

'There's no way you can match it in training. You can't get your adrenaline up like it is when you're winning medals and down for your next competition, it's impossible.'

Weir has beaten most of his opposition in the marathon two or three times already in the last 10 days.

He is the man with the target on his back for good reason.

The Japanese tattoo on his chest, which translates as 'to win' may not be on display – he will wear new kit after a malfunction meant he crossed the line after his 800m final on Thursday with half a top – but he is out to conquer.

And after three eight-mile laps of central London and a 2.2-mile ring around St James' Park, he will return into the arms of his pregnant girlfriend Emily, his two children – and perhaps sporting immortality.

Marathon: T54 category, Starts 11.30, Sunday, The Mall

Alan Pardew urges for Newcastle patience

Pardew urges for patience as Toon prepare for Euro return



21:41 GMT, 29 August 2012

Newcastle are looking to complete a triumphant return to European competition against minnows Atromitos on Thursday night but manager Alan Pardew has called for patience from home fans to carry his players through.

After last week's 1-1 draw in Athens, Pardew warned: 'It will be a new experience for our fans, even the opposition and refereeing will be slightly different because the referees are used to a different game.

European return: Newcastle take on minnows Aromitos on Thursday night

European return: Newcastle take on minnows Aromitos on Thursday night

'Tactically, the opposition might make it difficult for us so it's going to be a night when we have to find a solution to all those problems.'

Pardew is up against Atromitos coach Dusan Bajevic, one of Greek football's most experienced coaches, and knows the wily 63-year-old could play a key role tonight.

Bajevic has named 19 players in his squad after their opening league 2-0 win over FC Kerkyra at the weekend.

'He's got much more experience than me of European football and I'm sure he'll be well prepared,' added Pardew, who will restore several of the fringe players who earned last week's draw to his starting line-up.

Newcastle ace Yohan Cabaye issues Eden Hazard warning

My mate Eden is a real Hazard, warns Newcastle midfielder Cabaye



21:55 GMT, 24 August 2012

Fantasy football 2012

Yohan Cabaye is hoping that a phone conversation with his former team-mate Eden Hazard does not return to haunt him.

The France midfielder was one of the close confidantes Hazard called when he was pondering his move to England over the summer.

Danger man: Chelsea's Eden Hazard

Danger man: Chelsea's Eden Hazard

Cabaye, who had a sensational first season with Newcastle, was Hazard's close friend at Lille, where the pair formed a formidable partnership. He knew the Belgian sensation was tailor-made for the Barclays Premier League.

'The Premier League will be good for Eden's progression,' Cabaye said in Athens this week.

'He had already won two times the French player of the year award. Everybody in France knows him, so the best way for him to improve again and to become one of the big, big players in the world – which he can be – was to move here.

'I don't have much doubt that he'll become one of the best players in the league, especially if he continues to play like he did last week.

'He is relaxed with the ball. Every time, just before he gets the ball, he knows what he is going to do with it. For me, he did against Wigan what he did for Lille on many, many occasions.'

Ready for action: Newcastle's Yohan Cabaye

Ready for action: Newcastle's Yohan Cabaye

Cabaye travels with his Newcastle team-mates for the evening's kick-off at Stamford Bridge with both sides enjoying winning starts to the season. 'I will speak to Eden before the game,' added Cabaye. 'I'm sure we will have a laugh and joke with each other and it will be the same on the pitch.

'He is my friend, so I will smile with him. I've played against him once before, when France played Belgium, and we drew 0-0 and it will be the same this time.

'I spoke to Eden before he joined Chelsea. He asked me about the Premier League. I told him that this league would be everything he expected and more.

'It has been for me. I'm happy to be at Newcastle.'

'Every day I'm happy about my choice and I want to keep going and keep working with Newcastle, to keep winning games, to stay near the top of the league and play in Europe, too.'

Cabaye was one of the players rested by Newcastle manager Alan Pardew for Thursday's Europa League play-off first- leg draw against Atromitos in Athens. Hatem Ben Arfa, Fabricio Coloccini and Demba Ba will be among those who return to a side which showed nine changes from the opening-day win over Tottenham.

Old pals: Hazard and Cabaye at Lille

Old pals: Hazard and Cabaye at Lille

Striker Papiss Cisse, who scored two at Stamford Bridge last season, was not so fortunate. Due to injuries to his back-up strikeforce, Pardew was forced to play the No 9 for 77 minutes in the intense heat of the Greek capital but Cisse can expect to play again at lunchtime on Saturday.

Chelsea need no warning about the 9million Senegal striker. His second strike in the May fixture was one of the most incredible goals Petr Cech has conceded yet it was no surprise to Pardew.

The Newcastle boss said: 'Papiss is a player we all love. He's a finisher but we have to create chances for him. If you feed him he will score.'

Cisse added: 'I'm a team player, obviously.

'I love to play. When I go on the pitch I have to say I just want to score goals. It's my favourite part of the game, seeing the ball hit the back of the net.

'I'm not too tired, I didn't run around too much against Atromitos.

'I feel good and ready for Chelsea. It's my job to score goals and I hope we can get the same result as last year.'

Anthony Joshua: I won"t turn professional

I won't go pro! Gold medal hero Joshua happy to remain an amateur



08:06 GMT, 13 August 2012

Anthony Joshua will resist the lure of a megabucks professional fighting contract and remain an amateur boxer at least until Rio 2016.

Joshua landed the super-heavyweight crown on Sunday afternoon, Team GB's 29th and final gold medal of a stunning Olympic Games.

But the Londoner has vowed to fight on in the amateur ranks until the next event in South America, four years from now.

Flying the flag: Joshua landed gold on the final day of the Games for Team GB

Flying the flag: Joshua landed gold on the final day of the Games for Team GB

And he told The Sun: 'This has never been about money. I will stay stay amateur for as long as possible. I quite like the sound of Rio 2016.'

Joshua was inspired by watching the cult film 300, in which Spartan warriors refuse to give up – an attitude he needed to scrape past Italian Roberto Cammarelle at the Excel Arena.

He added: 'They don’t recognise the word surrender in that film and neither do I. It got very tough inside that ring but there was no way I was going to give up.'

Lennox Lewis was ringside to witness Joshua's stirring comeback after he entered the final round three points behind his Italian opponent.

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion and fellow Brit, who won super-heavyweight gold at Seoul 1988 told Joshua after his win: 'Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Golden company: Joshua with two gold medal winning Brits, Harrison and Lewis

Golden company: Joshua with two gold medal winning Brits, Harrison and Lewis

'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Joshua proved that and really wanted it. It showed his fitness was great as well. The other guy fell asleep.

'In four years he has achieved so much. Heavyweights are known to mature later so it’s a great achievement to beat an Olympian of excellence and a world champion.

'He can either stay amateur or go pro but he has a great future ahead of him.'

Amir Khan, who won silver in Athens 2004, said: 'He needs the right people around him, I was in his position when I came back from Athens and stayed amateur for a year. I got more experience behind me and more maturity and that is when I turned pro.

'He has no rush, he is only 21 and heavyweights take time to mature.'

Won't go pro: Joshua is happy to remain an amateur

Won't go pro: Joshua is happy to remain an amateur