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Football League matches cancelled between Sheffield United and Brentford, Shrewsbury and Oldham

Sheffield United v Brentford TV clash tops list of Football League matches postponed due to snow

Graeme Yorke


09:12 GMT, 23 March 2013



10:13 GMT, 23 March 2013


npower League 1
Sheff Utd v Brentford
Shrewsbury v Oldham
Crawley Town v Crewe

npower League 2
Port Vale v Aldershot
Chesterfield v Plymouth
Burton Albion v Wycombe
Rotherham v Exeter
Rochdale v Southend

Blue Square bet premier
Braintree Town v Alfreton Town
Barrow v Ebbsfleet United

The Irn-Bru Scottish Football League Championship Third Division
Annan Athletic v Queens Park
Elgin City v Clyde

Saturday's League One promotion clash between Sheffield United and Brentford has been postponed due to snow, a long with a number of other Football League fixtures.

Heavy snowfall across the country has hit the Football League schedule badly, with the match between Shrewsbury and Oldham Athletic also affected.

In League Two, Port Vale's home meeting with Aldershot was also wiped out, with groups of fans unable to clear the pitch as snow continued to fall.

Vale acknowledged the postponement on their website.

Chesterfield and Plymouth will also have to rearrange their fixture. So too will the games between Chesterfield and Plymouth, Burton Albion and Wycombe, Rotherham and Exeter and Rochdale and Southend.

No chance: Snow banks line the side of Greenhous Meadow stadium, home of Shrewsbury Town

No chance: Snow banks line the side of Greenhous Meadow stadium, home of Shrewsbury Town

The Footballers" Football Column – Kevin Betsy: Watching Brazil was like buying a ticket to see Beyonce and ending up with Susan Boyle

KEVIN BETSY: Watching Brazil was like buying a ticket to see Beyonce and ending up with SuBo… England may have won, but the Thomas Ince tale reveals everything that's wrong with our game


11:01 GMT, 13 February 2013



12:02 GMT, 13 February 2013

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Kevin Betsy returns for his second Footballers' Football Column fresh from scoring for Woking in the 3-0 win at Alfreton at the weekend. The Fulham Academy coach was at Wembley to watch England beat Brazil last week – but left disappointed with the team in yellow. Betsy is also quick to praise Ashley Cole but has some damning thoughts on the future of the game.

When the final whistle blew at Wembley last week, my love for the game had increased and I wished I could have my career over again. However, as I walked away from the stadium my mind was clouded with questions.

This England team has been much criticised in the past, yet against Brazil they played a superb tactical game accompanied with an excellence in technical ability. Something that you associate with the team that have five stars embroidered above their badge, not the team with just one.

The much hyped arrival of the Brazilian team to Wembley was one of the biggest let downs I have experienced as a football fan. Brazil are a team that lots of people
support as their
second nation. As a young boy in the park or on the
street it was a Brazilian, not an Englishman, I pretended to be.

Winning feeling: Wayne Rooney helped England secure their first victory over Brazil for 23 years

Winning feeling: Wayne Rooney helped England secure their first victory over Brazil for 23 years

Extravagance, flair and the Samba band are all associated with the yellow, green and blue, but even the band were as flat as their team.

It felt like booking tickets to see Beyonce and then finding out she had been replaced by SuBo. Sure she can sing, but that’s not what I signed up for.

Luiz Felipe Scolari picked a squad which left me a little perplexed, especially his decision to pick 29-year-olds Dante and Fred and Luis Fabiano, 32, ahead of their pool of younger stars.

Brazil’s endless supply of talent will never run out as the country has a system that is tried and tested and produces with distinction. Thiago Silva, Leandro Damiao, Marcelo, Romulo,
Hulk and Willian are just a few names of younger Brazilian players that
did not even make the pitch or were not in the squad, showing their strength in



Big let down: Brazil's box office stars such as Ronaldinho and Neymar failed to live up to their billing

Jack Wilshere

Theo Walcott

The star performers: Arsenal duo Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott shone on the big stage

Enjoying the game: Kevin Betsy at Wembley

Enjoying the game: Kevin Betsy at Wembley

Neymar and
Ronaldinho, two box office players and favourites of mine, certainly put
bums on seats at an almost full 90,000 stadium, but it was two English
players Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott that stole the show and
allowed us to celebrate the English player.

In all honesty, I feel England did play well but it could be a case of Brazil not picking their best team that helped them to win for the first time in 23 years.

Brazil will always have the upper hand over England in the long term, as their youth have opportunity to develop and play from a young age in their clubs first teams.

The Brazilian Campeonato league is full of homegrown players, with only six per cent of players coming into the league from other countries.

If a young player shows any potential they are sold off to Europe. This has always been the economic model and a main source of export.

The players know this as they need to elevate their own career earnings. Third-party ownership is normal in South America, as clubs do not have the financial capabilities of their European counterparts and to keep their best players for longer. Clubs need aid to maintain a player’s salary instead of sponsoring the club, sponsor the player and receive a return their investment.

A large portion of Brazilians have moved to play in leagues to showcase their talents, obtain work permits and boost their transfer values, Ronaldo and Romario at PSV, Juninho Pernambucano, and Michel Bastos at Lyon and David Luiz and Ramires at Benfica.

The Dutch, French and Portuguese Leagues do not have the financial backing that the Premier League clubs enjoy and regulations are flexible on foreign players.

The French and Dutch leagues differ from Portugal at the moment, their main aim is also to develop their own players. They do this well and the road for a young player at the latter stages of development is far easier than in an English club, as they have fewer foreign players to compete with.

Clubs in countries such as these need to boost their revenue and elevate themselves to be able to afford one or two top foreign players to make their club more competitive to achieve Champions League status.

Beyonce Knowles

Susan Boyle

Not what I wanted: Betsy says watching Brazil was like paying to see Beyonce and ending up with Susan Boyle

Without mass spectator volume, TV deals in their league the need to sell young players becomes a way of survival.

In the case of Portugal, they have overloaded their sides with foreign players but have sold on for vast sums, Radamel Falcao moved for 41m, Axel Witsel for 35m, Angel di Maria for 25m.

On a business level this works very well, but in football terms their national team is ageing and if something is not done soon they will also struggle, as their young players have no way of developing.

The Premier League brand shaped by Richard Scudamore must be applauded for all of its work to make the Premier League global and attract the best players that continue to bring revenue to our shores.

But perhaps, with a few tweaks here and there, the national team will increase its quality and pool of players to choose from.

The Premier League has the highest percentage of foreign players with 65 per cent. Countries lower than us include Germany 49 per cent, Spain 37 per cent and Italy 47 per cent. They have all adopted further strategies to the benefit of their sides and we need to take note.

Outnumbered: The Premier League has a very high percentage of overseas players

Outnumbered: The Premier League has a very high percentage of overseas players

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The Footballers' Football Column – Stephen Constantine: In England we coach the life out of players by the time they're 21… In Spain the emphasis is 'the ball is your friend', at home it’s 'get rid of it!'


We have tried to implement and address with the likes of the ’homegrown rule’ but there are severe loopholes in this system.

Arsenal is a great example of this, with Cesc Fabregas, Nicolas Bendtner, Wojciech Szczesny all qualified as they have the required three years development in England, but they will never pull on a Three Lions shirt.

Despite the fantastic work that goes on at youth level and the improvements being made in Academies and Centres of Excellence up and down the country criticism is always upon us.

Yes, the standard of coaching needs improving and there are processes in place to improve this but the best coaching in the world will leave any individual stagnated and unchallenged and struggle to reach full potential if the environment doesn’t test them.

My work at a Premier League Academy sees our players come up against the best our country and our foreign counterparts. Our level in comparison is extremely high.

Regular sharing of ideas and discussions take place with coaches, home and abroad. There is no magic wand or hidden secrets. It is all quite transparent as a major factor in many European clubs is they leave room in their squads for predominately their own players.

Perhaps the problem may be just one thing: ‘opportunity’. If there is no sunlight for a flower to blossom it will die. Is there enough sunlight for our young English players That is the question.

Developed to a certain level placed in the professional game but sitting in squads with no real avenue to learn the trade and gain confidence.

The newly revamped Under 21 league introduced this season is aimed at bridging the gap that young players in England have faced. They offer competitive games with consequences and a challenge.

Holding games at first-team grounds aims to increase the number of spectators and give them experience of playing in those grounds. This is good but still not enough.

It’s still reserve football, no matter how much you dress it up. There is quite a difference in tempo, tactical learning, and spectator environment to a first-team game.

Hence many clubs prefer to send their youngsters on loan.

Barcelona’s B team play in Spain’s second division and this makes my point, the players are still developing but are under challenging pressure.

People say if you are good enough you will come through but there are only a few Wayne Rooneys in a generation. The rest have to work hard and be
lucky, under managers that are brave, have a vision and will
let them play and learn from any mistakes.

Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and recently Brendan Rodgers have shown
the way. I am not saying we need to change the Premier League as a
product but adjust the ingredients a little.

Maintain foreign players in the country, of course, but just adjust the quantity.

Special talent: Players like Wayne Rooney are the exception rather than the rule

Special talent: Players like Wayne Rooney are the exception rather than the rule

Some people say the ‘six-plus-five’ rule that FIFA suggested contravenes European law and I hear this idea has been abandoned.

But it does have benefits and something similar to this would enable more players to play in the top league on a regular basis and learn from the best players.

One thing is clear, it is not the manager’s fault that they recruit foreign players.

Michael Laudrup


Knowing the market: Swansea boss Michael Laudrup bought Michu for 2m having seen him play in Spain

Their survival is based on results, they don’t make the rules and why should they not favour players where they have in-depth knowledge of ability and value. You get more for your money abroad as some imports have shown already this season and English players are overpriced.

Showing shrewdness in the transfer market with loans, smaller buys is part and parcel of being a top manager. Swansea Manager, Michael Laudrup’s Spanish purchases, including Michu at 2m, are a prime example.

I’m sure If you asked any Premier League manager he would say, 'I would love a team of five or six English players'.

Both sides of the coin: Tom Ince is an example of how clubs can make good and bad decisions

Both sides of the coin: Tom Ince is an example of how clubs can make good and bad decisions

Bosses must favour the market they know but if you have a restriction on number it may be beneficial to the national game long term and this is the governing bodies' problem to safeguard our talents development not football club's managers.

Thomas Ince is just another player who shows all things wrong with English football and all things right.

This bit is right – Developed from a young age at a fantastic academy at Liverpool.

..but this is wrong – Sold to Blackpool for 250,000, then a reported 5m offer to buy him back almost a year later. Patience may have prevailed, the giving of opportunity.

Someone else who has reaped some recent rewards with his 100-cap milestone is Ashley Cole. After coming head-to-head with Ashley on a number of occasions I must say he is without doubt the best left backs in the world.

Big achievement: Ashley Cole won his 100th England cap against Brazil

Big achievement: Ashley Cole won his 100th England cap against Brazil

Tough opponent: Betsy comes up against Cole during his Wycombe days

Tough opponent: Betsy comes up against Cole during his Wycombe days

He has to be coming up against me. Ashley comes second to Roberto Carlos in all-time status. Carlos’s devastating shot and a World Cup winner’s medal tipped the balance for me.

Whatever people’s perceptions are of Ashley off the pitch, in reality you have to be extremely professional to have achieved all he has in football. No matter how talented you are.

In my experience he’s a humble guy. Another example of what a young Englishman getting games from an early age can achieve dispels the ‘we don’t produce players ‘ myth.

Watching Peter Odemwingie on TV the other day, turning up at Loftus Road was as cringeworthy as a guy getting a sea of red lights on Take Me Out [Paddy McGuinness's ITV show – Ed] . All jokes aside, this was not a laughing matter. How could a professional footballer of Odemwingie's standing be left to drive himself to London and also drive the deal to QPR Where was his agent

A deal as complex as this one needed driving by external sources. West Bromwich Albion didn’t want to sell
and QPR had not agreed the fee. Therefore as a player you may argue your
case to the chairman, chief executive or manager but until you get the
green light you have to sit tight.

Embarrassing: Peter Odemwingie drove to Loftus Road on transfer deadline day to try and force a move to QPR

Embarrassing: Peter Odemwingie drove to Loftus Road on transfer deadline day to try and force a move to QPR

Until you get a call to say the fee has been agreed and you are free to discuss terms.

I presume the agent's fee in this deal would have been quiet substantial; the least they could have done was drive him there.

But now it is done and I hope Peter recovers well from this and gets on with what he does best, playing football.

Big freeze hits sport again

Big freeze hits sport again as football fixtures loses more matches and Cheltenham waits on Saturday's show

Marcus Townend


12:25 GMT, 25 January 2013



10:07 GMT, 26 January 2013

Cheltenham’s big Saturday meeting featuring key Festival trials has passed its Friday inspection but is still subject to a 7am check tomorrow as the track continue to hedge their bets.

No problems are anticipated but the possibility of switching the meeting to Sunday has been retained should unexpected weather hit the track.

A number of football fixtures have also fallen victim to the frozen weather (see below).

Snow joke: The Cheltenham Trials meeting is under threat

Snow joke: The Cheltenham Trials meeting is under threat

Snow joke: The Cheltenham Trials meeting is under threat
Postponed football matches

npower League 1
Tranmere v Swindon

npower League 2
Bradford v Wycombe

Blue Square Bet Premier
Alfreton Town v Tamworth
Hyde v Ebbsfleet United

Kidderminster Harriers v Woking

Scottish Second Division
Albion v Stenhousemuir
Brechin v Queen of South

Scottish Third Division
Annan Athletic v Peterhead
East Stirling v Clyde
Elgin v Queen's Park

The circuit has been cleared of snow but some is expected to hit the course this afternoon being followed by rain.

Cheltenham communications manager Andy Clifton said: 'The course is fit to race and we will be taking the covers off this afternoon, but we have called a precautionary check for 7am.

'The situation is that we are forecast a little bit of snow around teatime today which is then due to be followed by a band of rain.

'Given the more severe weather which is forecast across the country later today, we felt it prudent to call a precautionary inspection just in case our local forecasts are wrong.

'If the forecast is right, which they
have largely been this week, I think we might be able to give the
meeting the go-ahead before 7am tomorrow. If the forecast is right, we
would be extremely confident of racing tomorrow.

Trainers will be required to declare their horses for Saturday and then declare them again for Sunday.

Inspection: Officials will look at the track at 7am on Saturday

Inspection: Officials will look at the track at 7am on Saturday

Clifton added: 'The whole point of us
having that ghost card, even though we are confident of racing, was to
give us the option of Sunday. If there is some unexpected problem
overnight, we have the option to wait until Sunday.'

card features a Gold Cup trial in the Argento Chase and the Victor
Chandler Chase in which unbeaten chaser Sprinter Sacre runs.

Inspection: Officials will look at the track at 7am on Saturday

Hard at work: Groundstaff clear snow off the track on Friday

Hard at work: Groundstaff clear snow off the track on Friday

Hard at work: Groundstaff clear snow off the track on Friday

A few football matches have been postponed because of the freezing conditions.

In League One, the match at Prenton Park between Tranmere Rovers and Swindon Town has been called off, as has the League Two game between Bradford City and Wycombe.

In the Conference, the matches at Alfreton, Hyde and Kidderminster are off, while only one match in Conference North – Worcester City v Histon – has survived.

In the Conference South, the games at Billericay Town, Boreham Wood and Maidenhead United have been postponed.

Five games in Scotland are off as things stand – in the second division at Albion Rovers and Brechin, and in the third division at Annan, East Stirling and Elgin City.

MATCHES OFF: Manchester United v West Brom survives late inspection

MATCHES OFF: Football League and Conference games fall foul of the weather



14:15 GMT, 29 December 2012

A number of Saturday's fixtures have been postponed due to waterlogged pitches but Manchester United's home clash with West Brom was given the go-ahead after a 1.15pm pitch inspection.

In the Championship, there was doubt over Alex McLeish's first game in charge at Nottingham Forest but the City Ground test against Crystal Palace was given the green light after a second inspection at lunchtime.

In League 1, Stevenage Borough's match with Notts County at Broadhall Way has been called off.

Colchester United's match with Swindon Town was postponed on Friday evening after match official Adam Crysell deemed the playing surface unfit.

Wet and wild: Ground staff get to work at Old Trafford on Saturday morning

Wet and wild: Ground staff get to work at Old Trafford on Saturday morning


npower League 1
Stevenage v Notts County

npower League 2
Aldershot v Torquay – Postponed due to waterlogged pitch – no new date
Gillingham v Northampton – Postponed due to waterlogged pitch – no new date
Cheltenham v Bristol Rovers – Postponed due to waterlogged pitch – no new date

Blue Square Bet Premier
Hereford v Newport County
Braintree Town v Woking
Mansfield v Grimsby

Nuneaton v Alfreton

Ross County v Hearts

In League 2, three matches – Aldershot v Torquay, Gillingham v Northampton and Cheltenham v Bristol Rovers – have been cancelled.

Macclesfield's FA Cup second round replay with Barrow is going ahead after a pitch inspection.

North of the border, the SPL encounter at Dingwall between Ross County and Hearts has been postponed.

In the Conference, the matches at Hereford United, Nuneaton, Braintree Town and Mansfield Town have also fallen victim to heavy overnight rain.

Stockport's match with Telford is going ahead after a 1pm pitch inspection.

The programme in the Conference North and South has also been badly affected.

In the North, the matches at FC Halifax Town, Guiseley, Histon, Vauxhall Motors and Worcester are OFF.

In the South, the games at Bath City, Eastleigh, Hayes and Sutton United are OFF.

Football League postponements due to weather

Football League programme hit after heavy rain sweeps country



13:26 GMT, 22 December 2012

Blackburn's npower Championship fixture against Brighton was the first match of the day in English football's second tier to be called off as wet weather disrupted today's sporting programme.

The heavy rainfall affecting much of the country forced the cancellation of the Ewood Park clash due to a waterlogged pitch.

A post on Blackburn's official Twitter feed read: 'Today's match against Brighton has been called off due to a waterlogged pitch. A new date will be arranged in due course.'

Off: York's match against Gillingham has been postponed

Off: York's match against Gillingham has been postponed

Football matches off


Blackburn v Brighton

npower League 1

Hartlepool v Portsmouth
Brentford v Stevenage
Scunthorpe v Carlisle
Crewe v Bournemouth
Doncaster v Milton Keynes Dons

npower League 2

York v Gillingham
Wycombe v Bradford
Torquay v Exeter
Oxford Utd v Fleetwood Town
Bristol Rovers v Rotherham
Morecambe v Dag & Red
Port Vale v AFC Wimbledon

Blue Square Bet Premier

Gateshead v Stockport
Newport County v Braintree
Alfreton v Barrow
Cambridge Utd v Nuneaton
AFC Telford v Luton
Woking v Forest Green
Tamworth v Newport
Macclesfield v Lincoln City

The Irn-Bru Scottish Second Division

Brechin v Ayr

A further statement on the Blackburn
website said: 'Referee Robert Madley made a pitch inspection at 12.15pm
and with player safety paramount, deemed the pitch unplayable due to the
heavy rain experienced in Lancashire over the last few days.'

The lower league fixture list was
decimated by the sodden conditions, with the League One meetings between
Doncaster and MK Dons and Crewe and Bournemouth the latest games to
fall by the wayside.

Brentford, second in League One, were
denied the chance to go top of the table for Christmas when their clash
with Stevenage at Griffin Park was called off.

Crewe had held a second pitch
inspection at 12.15pm, an hour after the surface was first assessed, but
were left with no option but to call the match off, while coaches
carrying the Cherries fans had already been advised to stop on their way
north before a decision was made.

That left just five games set to take place in the third tier, at Coventry, Crawley, Notts County, Walsall and Yeovil.

In League Two only the games at
Northampton and Accrington were set to go ahead, although the former
were set to hold another pitch inspection before making a final

A statement on York's official
website read: 'After a pitch inspection was conducted this morning by
match referee Stephen Martin, today's match between the Minstermen and
Gillingham has been postponed.

'After heavy rain overnight, the pitch is now waterlogged and deemed unplayable by the match official.

No play: Keep of the pitch sign in place at the Memorial Stadium after Bristol Rovers game with Rotherham was called off

No play: Keep of the pitch sign in place at the Memorial Stadium after Bristol Rovers game with Rotherham was called off

'A new rearranged date for the fixture will be announced later.'

Northampton confirmed their game would go ahead after an inspection by referee Tim Robinson at 12.30pm.

In the conference Kidderminster's game with Dartford was the only fixture to survive the weather, while in Scotland the Irn-Bru SFL Second Division match between Brechin and Ayr was postponed yesterday.

Racing was also affected, with this afternoon's meeting at Navan cancelled because of a waterlogged track.

Officials at the County Meath circuit were left with no other option following an early-morning course inspection.

The day's Aviva Premiership rugby fixtures were set to go ahead as planned although Wasps, who host Sale tomorrow, advised fans to check the club website in the morning for information on whether that match will take place.

A post on Wasps' official Twitter account read: 'Tomorrow's game at the moment is still on! Any final decision would be made in the morning so make sure you check the website first thing.'

FA Cup shocks continue as Dorchester beat Plymouth

FA Cup shocks continue as Dorchester beat Plymouth and Altrincham hold Burton



19:44 GMT, 4 November 2012

Jake Gosling's second-half strike helped non-league Dorchester produce another FA Cup upset this weekend as they reached the second round with a 1-0 win over npower League Two side Plymouth.

The Pilgrims got off to the worst possible start when Conor Hourihane picked up two yellow cards inside the opening 10 minutes.

Exeter loanee Gosling, released by Plymouth aged 16, converted from close range after a left-wing cross had been flicked on by long-serving defender Mark Jermyn to book the Blue Square Bet South side a second round clash at fellow non-league outfits Luton or Nuneaton.

Happy days: Dorchester Town celebrate their shock win over Plymouth

Happy days: Dorchester Town celebrate their shock win over Plymouth

Only a late strike from Calvin Zola prevented another surprise result as Burton snatched a 3-3 draw at home to Blue Square Bet North side Altrincham.

Albion are play-off contenders in League Two and although Altrincham striker Damian Reeves saw his fourth-minute spot-kick saved, they still took a 2-0 half-time lead thanks to Carl Rodgers' strike and Nathan Stanton's own goal.

Zander Diamond halved the deficit and Robbie Weir missed a penalty before Jacques Maghoma levelled proceedings.

Lucky escape: Zander Diamond scores Burton's second goal against Altrincham

Lucky escape: Zander Diamond scores Burton's second goal against Altrincham

Burton still looked to be heading out when defender Damien McCrory put through his own net in the 86th minute but Zola spared their blushes to ensure a replay, with Crewe awaiting the winners.

Gloucester City and Leyton Orient's clash as well as Braintree's encounter with League One leaders Tranmere both fell foul of the weather, with Alfreton and Chesterfield awaiting the respective winners.

New dates for the rearranged games are yet to be announced.

FA Cup Second Round draw: AFC Wimbledon could meet MK Dons

Battle of the Dons: FA Cup draw throws together possible clash between AFC and MK



20:29 GMT, 4 November 2012

AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons are in line to meet each other for the first time in the second round of the FA Cup – so long as they both win their replays.

AFC Wimbledon have climbed the football pyramid up to League Two since they were formed 10 years ago after the original Wimbledon were essentially franchised to the town of Milton Keynes in 2004.

Neal Ardley's men will travel to the League One side should they beat York City in their first round replay after the two sides drew 1-1.

Possible clash: Karl Robinson's MK Dons could host AFC Wimbledon who are managed by former Dons player Neal Ardley (below)

Possible clash: Karl Robinson's MK Dons could host AFC Wimbledon who are managed by former Dons player Neal Ardley (below)

Here again: Ardley was unveiled as the new AFC Wimbledon manager on Wednesday

While Karl Robinson's Dons need to overcome Cambridge City in their replay too, if they are to host a club set up in protest at the decision to disband Wimbledon and move them 60 miles north of London.

Meanwhile, angry Tranmere fans were charged 5 to park even though their tie against Braintree was postponed. Council staff only offered a 50 per cent refund to supporters who had made the 250-mile journey.

Elsewhere in the draw, non-league Chelmsford have been rewarded for their victory over Colchester with a trip to the Us' npower League One rivals Crawley.


Preston v Gillingham

Bury v Southend

Sheffield Utd v Port Vale

Carlisle v Bournemouth

Crewe v Burton/Altrincham

Northampton/Bradford v Brentford

Luton/Nuneaton v Dorchester

Alfreton v Gloucester/Leyton Orient

Oldham v Doncaster

Braintree/Tranmere v Chesterfield

Rotherham v Notts County

Cheltenham v Hereford

Guiseley/Barrow v Macclesfield

Accrington v Oxford Utd

Lincoln/Walsall v Mansfield/Slough

Harrogate Town v Hastings Utd

Coventry v Morecambe/Rochdale

Cambridge City/MK Dons v York/AFC Wimbledon

Crawley v Chelmsford

Fleetwood Town v Aldershot

Ties to be played on the weekend of the 1/2 of December

Goals from Anthony Cook, Donovan Simmonds and Jamie Slabber helped the Blue Square Bet South outfit to a 3-1 victory On Saturday and they will travel to Broadfield Stadium with a third-round place at stake.

Hereford upset Shrewsbury on Saturday and will next travel to Cheltenham, currently third in League Two, with the clashes set to be played on the weekend of December 1 and 2.

Macclesfield were shock winners over Swindon and they have been drawn to face either Guiseley or Barrow, while Blue Square North team Harrogate upset League Two Torquay and will relish the chance to play the Isthmian Premier Division side Hastings United.

Slough Town, the lowest-ranked side left in the competition, must beat Mansfield in their replay to set up an away clash with Lincoln or Walsall.

Former Sheffield United boss Micky Adams will take his Port Vale side to Bramall Lane in one of the more intriguing ties, League Two leaders Gillingham travel to Preston and Bury welcome Southend.

Carlisle host Bournemouth and Oldham entertain Doncaster in the two League One ties, Crewe await the winner of Burton and Altrincham and Notts County visit Rotherham.

Northampton will welcome Bradford or Brentford, Oxford must travel to Accrington and Fleetwood host Aldershot.

Gloucester City and Leyton Orient's clash as well as Braintree's encounter with League One leaders Tranmere were both postponed and Alfreton and Chesterfield await the respective winners.

Coventry will wait for Morecambe or Rochdale and Dorchester Town will travel to Luton Town or Nuneaton Town.