Pep Guardiola must win Champions League with Bayern Munich – Jamie Carragher

No easy life for Pep at Bayern… he must deliver Holy Grail

Champions League final on their own turf” class=”blkBorder” />

Beaten: Bayern lost the 2012 Champions League final on their own turf

Arjen Robben

Bastian Schweinsteiger & Philip Lahm

It is a shame he is not coming to the Premier League but he is not shying away from a challenge and he will be aware of the scrutiny. He will have to enter the transfer market more than he did at Barcelona. Bayern’s academy cannot rival Barcelona’s La Masia and so he will be forced to look elsewhere to recruit more often than in the past. But his buying record isn’t flawless.

True, he turned Gerard Pique into one of the best defenders in the world after plucking him from Manchester United’s reserves but there were expensive blemishes. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for starters, at €49.5million (41m), was not a success coming from Inter Milan in 2009. And Alexis Sanchez, at €26m (22m), has not justified such a huge fee since joining from Udinese.

Missing link Barca boss Tito Vilanova will not be able to assist Guardiola

Missing link Barca boss Tito Vilanova will not be able to assist Guardiola

Another problem will be working without Tito Vilanova. Guardiola would be the first to acknowledge the support Vilanova has provided down the years. He will surely bring his own people in but he enjoyed a special rapport with Vilanova.

He is not, however, going into a club with huge problems. Bayern have Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, two of the world’s best wingers, who will be perfect fits for Guardiola’s 4-3-3.

Borussia Dortmund will be formidable domestic opponents, but it would be no surprise if Guardiola adds a couple of Bundesliga titles to his CV before coming to England. Can he deliver the big one Whatever happens, it won’t be easy.