Nike British 10k London run: Sportsmail"s Matt Lawless begins running journey

Hit the road, Matt… Sportsmail's man begins his journey ahead of British 10k Run



10:43 GMT, 27 April 2012

Nike British 10k Run

Sportsmail's Matt Lawless has taken up the challenge of running the 2012 Nike 10k British Run.

Here, he will share the highs, lows, aches and pains of his training during the countdown to the big race in July.

How will he fare in what will be his first-ever competitive run

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Running. I spend most of my life running. Running for the train. Running to pick my son up from school. Running errands, coffee run (sometimes)… you get the idea.

But never before have I run competitively (apparently, third place in the 100 metres at Warren Comprehensive School Sports Day in 2001 does not count).

That will change on Sunday, July 8, however, when I join 25,000 runners pounding the streets of London in the Nike 10k British Run.

Why Well, why not Truth be told, I needed an incentive to keep fit beyond the football season and that certainly wasn’t going to come in the form of spending three-and-a-half hours driving a buggy along a fairway, only to exit for brief (attempted) swings of a golf club.

Start me up: Sportsmail's Matt Lawless will join the runners competing in London on July 8

Start me up: Sportsmail's Matt Lawless will join the runners competing in London on July 8

Running, I’m told, is THE best way to keep in shape. ‘Brilliant, where do I sign up’ I asked the organisers. Hopefully, I won’t live to regret my unbounded enthusiasm.

I watched with genuine excitement as thousands crossed the line last weekend to complete the London Marathon. I imagined what it would be like to be soaking up the support from the pavement and pushing myself to the limit.

Certainly, 10k is no marathon. In fact, it’s around 20 miles less. Yet that’s still some distance for me to achieve. I’m a first-timer, after all.

But I can’t wait to experience that high of crossing the line and I’m ready for a challenging 10 weeks.

To kickstart my journey, I headed into central London for a Gait Analysis session. According to the experts at NikeTown, Gait is the way in which we move our body from one point to another.

The analysis involves a 15-second recorded stint on the treadmill, running at a comfortable pace to assess the way in which you run.


Man with a plan: Training begins with a gentle run just under the midway point of 5km

Man with a plan: Training begins with a gentle run just under the midway point of 5km

Any abnormalities in the technique are highlighted in the debrief where, after the advisors have consulted the video evidence, the right footwear is selected to help the runner avoid potential injury.


If you’re taking part in the 10k British race and
a first time runner like me, I’d love to hear from you and share the
journey along the way before the main event.

And if you’re an experienced pacemaker, I’d be keen to hear your thoughts and advice too.

Stayed tuned for my next post in May.

I've done some research and read a few select running magazines recently to help understand what I’m getting myself into, and it appears Gait Analysis is a common – and recommended – practice for first-timers when choosing their trainers.

There’s much discussion surrounding the ‘Barefoot debate’ too (perhaps one to pick up on a later blog) but for now, to get started, I’m training with a cushioned sole to support my relatively untested feet.

I’ve had several short runs to ease me into a routine, but the hard work begins on Monday with a 5k jog – my furthest distance to date (please don’t laugh). My opening target time is 30 minutes.

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