Mark Halsey twitter abuse sees man cautioned by police

Liverpool fan who abused Halsey on Twitter after United defeat cautioned by police



11:13 GMT, 28 September 2012

Abused: Halsey

Abused: Halsey

The man who posted abusive messages about referee Mark Halsey after his handling of Liverpool's 2-1 defeat to Manchester United last weekend has been cautioned by the police.

Liverpool supporter, 27, John Wareing tweeted: 'I hope Mark Halsey gets cancer again and dies.'

Halsey, a cancer survivor, had reported the abuse to the police earlier this week.

DS Tony Lunt of Greater Manchester police said: 'Clearly the victim and his family were very distressed by the extremely offensive comments posted on Twitter.

'We take all reports of abuse on social networking sites very seriously as these remarks can and do have a devastating impact on people’s lives.

'As a result of our investigation, we have cautioned a man who has admitted responsibility for some of the messages.

'This individual was very apologetic and realises that in a moment of stupidity he posted deeply derogatory remarks about the victim and completely regrets his actions.

'Twitter, like all social networking sites, can be a fantastic tool for people to communicate but it must not be abused to the detriment of decent hard-working people who may be in the public eye.

'Our inquiries are ongoing to identify anyone else who posted these offensive messages.'