London 2012 Olympics: Best British moment at these Games?

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21:42 GMT, 24 July 2012

Olympics 2012


Four golds over four Games – plus a silver in a fifth – is a mark of sustained brilliance. Only one Briton might be able to make that boast at the close of these Olympics and that is Ben Ainslie, our extraordinary sailor. As an historic achievement that would take some beating.


I'm hoping Dai Greene adds the 400m hurdles gold to last year's world championship. It will be the reward he deserves for all the hard work, professionalism and dedication he brings to his craft – while still being an all-round, decent bloke.

To Dai for: 400m hurdler Greene is going for gold in London this summer

To Dai for: 400m hurdler Greene is going for gold in London this summer


Yes, he's done too many sponsorship and media endorsements and the incredible Chinese mean a gold is probably just a pipe dream. But it is easy to forget what Tom Daley has been through in the past couple of years. His father Rob was the person who got him into diving. That Daley has stayed so focused after his father's battle against a brain tumour and death is hugely impressive. No-one in Team GB deserves a happy ending more.


Louis Smith winning gold on pommel horse. Britain has never had an Olympic gold medal gymnast – but Smith can fix that. After winning bronze in Beijing, you have to admire the way he has put together the most complex routine in the world, which could prove unbeatable. He's a lovely guy too, making it all the better to see him punch the air in victory.


Jessica Ennis smashing the 7,000 points barrier to win gold in the heptathlon. It's such a brutal event in which so much could go wrong, but after injuries and those two silver medals I would dearly love to see it all come together for Ennis on Saturday, August 4.

Popular choice: Jessica Ennis faces stiff competition in the heptathlon

Popular choice: Jessica Ennis faces stiff competition in the heptathlon


Jessica Ennis winning heptathlon gold because she has remained the girl next door and her coach has remained the guy who taught her everything she knows, two lovely people unchanged by success. Both deserve their reward.


The flagship coxless four has become synonymous with British gold-medal success going back to 2000. When they rowed down the Australians in the final 250m in Beijing it was among the most breathtaking things I have ever witnessed, and anything similar to that would be sensational.


My best of British moment would be just one of the many brilliant French journalists I have come to know through rugby union, football, cycling and five summer Olympic Games sending me a text as the flame is extinguished saying that Paris could not have done it as well as London.