LIVE World Darts Final: Scott Waites v Tony O"Shea at Lakeside

BDO World Darts Championship final: All the live news from Waites v O'Shea

Nick Metcalfe


17:59 GMT, 13 January 2013



18:18 GMT, 13 January 2013

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18.18: Waites with the darts in the third leg of the second set, and he's always too far ahead to be under any pressure. Waites goes 2-1 up.

18.16: O'Shea levels it up in the second set, with a double 10 finishing it off.

18.15: The Chelsea pensioners are in attendance. No personalities so far, from what I can see. You used to be able to rely on a few snooker players to make it, but with the Masters starting today, I'm not so sure any will be here.

18.14: Best leg of the match so far, with successive 180s in the middle of it. Waites misses a couple of doubles, but makes no mistake with double four and goes one leg up in the second set.

18.12: Scott Waites wins the opening set.

O'Shea is not at the races in this fourth leg of the match, leaving Waites with six darts to make 42. He doesn't make the first three count, but with his fourth he hits double 16 and puts the first set on the board. He really does look determined here, does Waites.

18.10: O'Shea misses a chance with bullseye, and Waites takes full advantage, with a treble 16 and double eight finish seeing him break the darts.

18.09: This is bringing back nice memories of my own days at the Lakeside. It's always a fun night out, I remember when it was seen as really raucous in Frimley Green, but with the antics of the crowd up at Ally Pally these days, it seems positively innocent in Surrey.

18.07: Waites hits the first 180 of the final in the second leg, and is on a finish in no time. He misses a few doubles, before eventually nailing double six and levelling the scores.

18.05: Waites has a chance to win the first leg with a 170, but falls well short, O'Shea misses a chance with double 16, Waites then can't hit double 20, before O'Shea holds his nerve to pick off a double eight and make sure he holds with the darts.

18.03: We're under way, so we are. Both these men are going for their first title. Who will be picking up the famous old trophy in a couple of hours

Into the final: O'Shea celebrates his semi-final match win over Wesley Harms

Into the final: O'Shea celebrates his semi-final match win over Wesley Harms

18.02: It's been some month for us darts fans, has it not All the thrills of the PDC event at Alexandra Palace, with a 16th world title for Phil Taylor. And after a week of BDO action, here comes the climax to it all. All eyes on the oche.

18.00: The atmosphere at the Lakeside is terrific, as the players make their entrance for this final. Plenty of fancy dress on display at what the commentators remind us is 'the spiritual home of darts'.

Welcome to our live coverage of the world darts final. Let's hope for a thriller between Scott Waites and Tony O'Shea.

Looking good: Scott Waites celebrates reaching his first final

Looking good: Scott Waites celebrates reaching his first final