It"s top secret: Steven Caldwell – Birmingham City captain reveals all

It's top secret: Steven Caldwell – Birmingham City captain reveals all

Who is your sporting hero

Kenny Dalglish. He played for my team, Celtic, and remains one of the best Scottish footballers of all time.

What would you be if you weren’t a sportsman

I’d be in films. A producer or something like that. Since my wife and kids are in the North East, I’m in Birmingham on my own. I must have watched hundreds of movies.

Which other sportsman would you like to be

Any F1 driver. I’d have said a golfer, but there isn’t much family time with golf.

Skipper: Caldwell leads Birmingham out against Wolves on Saturday

Skipper: Caldwell leads Birmingham out against Wolves on Saturday

Career highlight

Winning promotion via the play-off final at Wembley with Burnley a couple of seasons ago. To be the captain of a team of men like that at a club that never expected to get into the Premier League was special.

… And the worst moment

The manner in which I left Sunderland. I just wanted to see my contract out. I was pushed out of the door. It hurt.

If your house was burning down, what one possession would you save

I scored the goal that sealed promotion for Sunderland a few years ago. I have that strip framed – it would be that.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given

When I was at Newcastle, our coach Tommy Craig told us a story about the day he signed for the club as a player. At St James’ Park he bumped into Jackie Milburn, who pulled him to one side and said: ‘Just show them you care.’

Words of wisdom: Jackie Milburn (right)

Words of wisdom: Jackie Milburn (right)

Favourite karaoke song

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

Three most-listened to songs on your ipod

The Day We Caught The Train by Ocean Colour Scene, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale, Gloria by Patti Smith.

Last film you saw

Senna – it’s a tremendous film. Get on it.

Last book you read

I’m reading a biography of Robert Mugabe. It’s quite fascinating how these tyrants can be so charming on one hand and so utterly barbaric on another.

Tyrant: Robert Mugabe

Tyrant: Robert Mugabe

Favourite pre-match meal

Porridge, chicken and poached eggs. I like to feel empty when I go out on the park but I need energy, obviously.

Can you cook Best dish

No. How am I surviving on my own Mrs Burke (wife of team-mate Chris) cooks lasagne for me, otherwise I’m eating out.

In a film of your life, who would you like to play you

Ewan McGregor.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought

A watch. I like watches but every time I go to buy a second one my wife asks: ‘What for’ It would be the Rolex.

Tell us a secret…

I can’t think of one about myself but if I give you one about a rough and tough Premier League centre half at Wigan, would that do My brother Gary likes nothing better than cuddling up to his wife on the sofa and watching a week’s worth of soaps.