Glodie Tudiesche says Teddy Tamgho Olympic victory would be "medal of shame" after ban

Tudiesche says Tamgho Olympic victory would be “medal of shame” after ban

Glodie Tudiesche, the female athlete involved in the altercation which saw triple jumper Teddy Tamgho banned by the French Athletics Federation, has hit out at the leniency of the sanction, which will allow Tamgho to compete at the London Olympics.

Tamgho was banned for six months, with another six suspended, and ordered to pay a fine of 1,500 euros andcomplete 50 hours” community service over the clash with Tudiesche at atraining camp.

The latter”s identity was not disclosed at the time but she conducted an interview with Radio Monte Carlo today in which she labelled the suspension meaningless and argued that Tamgho should miss the summer”s Games.

In trouble: But Teddy Tamgho will be able to compete at the London Olympics

In trouble: But Teddy Tamgho will be able to compete at the London Olympics

“It”s not normal or logical that this man should represent France at the Olympic Games,” said Tudiesche.

“I don”t want to end his career, which is a brilliant one, but that doesn”t give him the right to do anything. (If he is on the podium) I will feel bitter because justice will not have been done.

“I am not here to hope he fails, but it would be a medal of shame. He could at least look me in the eye and apologise.”

Much of Tamgho”s six-month absence will be occupied by his rehabilitation following a broken ankle, adding to Tudiesche”s frustration.

“It is a false penalty because he is returning from injury and had decided to skip the winter and not resume until early summer for the World Championships in France,” she said.

“His suspension ends just before that. There is no justice.”