Cristiano Ronaldo: I want to go to McDonald"s without being bothered

I wish I wasn't famous so I could go to McDonald's, moans Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo



17:19 GMT, 8 November 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he sometimes wishes he wasn't so famous so he could go to McDonald's without being bothered by fans.

The Real Madrid Galactico, who is battling with Lionel Messi for this year's Ballon D'Or, has also revealed he thinks people vote for Messi because they don't like him. But he says he isn't going to start crying about it.

'Being famous is part of your work, your success,' Ronaldo told CNN World Sport.

Famous: Ronaldo is known across the world

Famous: Ronaldo is one of sport's most famous stars from across the globe

'People know you everywhere so sometimes I wish to go somewhere, shopping, McDonald's – not a great example – for coffee, and people recognise me but we are famous and we have to deal with that.'

Although the winger won the Ballon D'Or in 2008, his great rival Messi has now won it three years running – and the Barcelona superstar is favourite to do so again this year.

'This means a lot for me. If you speak
about me and Leo, I would put everything in one bag and try to see what
they have done by the year, Who won more things, who played better, who
won the most important trophies. So, I cannot say I deserve to win, but I
think I'm in good position.'

Ace: Ronaldo was glowing in his praise for Real Madrid manager Mourinho

Ace: Ronaldo was glowing in his praise for Real Madrid manager Mourinho

Asked if people voted for Messi because they prefer his image, he said: 'I don't want to cry about that, but sometimes I think yes.

'It's question that I never give
the 100 per cent right answer, because sometimes I really don't know.
Maybe sometimes I have bad image on the pitch because I'm too serious,
but if you really know me, if you are my friend, if I leave you inside
my house, if you share the day with me, you will know I hate to lose.

who call me arrogant, I would like to sit with them and to have a chat
with them to see which way to they think I'm arrogant. Because I think
they need to sit with me to know who is the real Cristiano.

Rival: Ronaldo is up against Barcelona star Messi for the Ballon d'Or

Rival: Ronaldo is up against Barcelona star Messi for the Ballon d'Or

'I will describe myself as a friend of my friends. I hate to lose, I'm honest, a direct person and I don't go around to say things to the people I don't like.

'Sometimes I think I pay the price for being too honest. Definitely yes. But it's part of my education.'

Ronaldo was glowing in his praise for his current boss Jose Mourinho, after the Special One guided Madrid to the La Liga title last season.

'Well, my relationship with him is perfect. I'm sure 100 per cent, 200 per cent that he is the best. Because he deserves, he shows every country who's the best because he wins all the leagues. So, for me the best coach has to show in many places and he has shown.'