Chris Whelpdale recovers from split scrotum injury

Gillingham winger makes ballsy recovery from scrotum injury

Gillingham midfielder Chris Whelpdale could return to action less than a week after suffering a split scrotum following a controversial tackle on Boxing Day.

Crawley”s David Hunt put in a tough tackle which meant Whelpdale needed five stitches, but with the aid of a jockstrap he is aiming to play in Friday night”s fixture at Dagenham.

He said: “Initially I thought it was just a whack in the danger area, but three or four minutes later when it was still hurting I did have a look and got a bit of a shock.

Ouch: Whelpdale (right) has made an astonishing recovery

Ouch: Whelpdale (right) has made an astonishing recovery

“When he went in for the challenge his studs were up, but at the time I just thought it was a kick until I saw that it was open and I needed four or five stitches – I can’t really remember.

“I’m hoping to be fit for Friday night – I’ve just been out and bought a jockstrap, so I’ll pad it all up and I should be OK to play.”

The 22-year-old winger was considered likely to miss Friday”s fixture, but his recovery will please Gillingham boss Andy Hessenthaler, who was furious about the incident which caused the injury.

He said: “It”s absolutely disgusting, it was a shocking challenge and worthy of a red card.

“It”s a horrific injury and it”ll be pretty sore and I”m sure his wife won”t be too happy about that tonight either.”