Cameraman falls off segway at Test match in Australia

Can”t bat, can”t bowl… can”t segway! Cameraman takes embarrassing tumble at MCG

There”s nothing worse than falling over in front of your mates, is there

Well, how about taking a tumble in front of 52,858 cricket fans during a Test match being beamed to millions of homes around the world.

That”s the fate which befell Aussie cameraman Joe Previtera who fell off his segway while capturing shots of the Australia v India clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Taking a tumble! The cameraman takes a tumble at the MCG

Taking a tumble! The cameraman takes a tumble at the MCG

As he swept behind the wicketkeeper he failed to notice the spare helmet which he promptly drove over, causing the cringing fall.

As the commentators fell into fits of laughter, the Baggy Green”s wicketkeeper Brad Haddin made a tentative effort to help to prone back onto his feet.

Despite the embarrassing fall, Previtera retained his sense of humour, taking a bow to the crowd and then reliving the moment with Aussie batting hero Michael Slater.

He told Slater: “(I had said) No way, I will never crash this thing ever. Never ever will you see me crash it.

“Maybe I got just a little bit (cocky). Maybe.”

Video: Joe shows how it”s (not) done…

And Previtera is no stranger to controversy. The Channel 9 cameraman was involved in the media storm which followed comments directed at Aussie bowler Scott Muller.

Following a wayward throw – during the Test match in Hobart against Pakistan in 1999-2000 – the stump microphone”s overheard someone say “can”t bowl, can”t throw.”

The comments were attributed to Shane Warne, but Previtera later admitted it was him.