Arsenal home tickets for Manchester City priced up to 126

How much Arsenal charge up to 126 for City clash… and the cheapest tickets are still 62

Andy James


11:59 GMT, 9 January 2013



12:02 GMT, 9 January 2013

Arsenal fans have had to pay up to 126 for the privilege of watching their team in action against Manchester City this weekend, with away fans and those seeking entry at the cheap end of the scale still asked to stump up 62.

The astonishing prices, by far the most expensive in the Premier League, have sparked a furious reaction up and down the country.

Fans who wanted to attend the match are already voting with their feet after it emerged the opponents had returned almost a third of their allocation.

I wouldn't pay to be here: Man City lost on their last visit to Arsenal

I wouldn't pay to be here: Man City lost on their last visit to Arsenal

City supporters slammed the costs as 'ridiculous' after shunning 900 of the 3,000 away seats.

Kevin Parker of the City Supporters' Group said: 'In 2009 a ticket to Arsenal was 32.50, so in under four years they have gone up by almost 30 and now they're the most expensive in English football. It seems a ridiculous amount of money.

'Some fans are saying, “I'm not paying 62 whether I can afford it or not because I've got to draw a line somewhere”, while others can't afford to pay 62. We play Southampton on February 9 and they are charging 38 a ticket.

'But we go to QPR on January 29 and they are charging 55 a ticket. I think some clubs are losing touch with the ordinary man.'

For home fans, the 126 ticket would get them an upper tier spot near to the halfway line, while lower tier corner tickets – like those in the away section – are marginally under half that figure.

Arsenal are not the only club to have been criticised for expensive tickets but they were revealed to be the hosts of English football's most expensive day out by a BBC survey in October.

Money talks: Home fans have been asked to pay up to 126 for a ticket

Money talks: Home fans have been asked to pay up to 126 for a ticket


Arsenal, Emirates Stadium 62

Chelsea, Stamford Bridge 59

QPR, Loftus Road 55

Tottenham, White Hart Lane 54

Manchester City, Etihad Stadium 51

Football Supporters' Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke said: '62 is almost obscene. This is an industry with eye-watering amounts of money coming into the Premier League. It's time fans got more benefits of that.

'You would expect Manchester City against Arsenal to be a guaranteed sell-out but if City are sending 900 tickets back then that speaks volumes.

'They have a reputation for being some of the most loyal fans in the country. In the economic circumstances, straight after Christmas, this is an outrage.'