Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Wimbledon 2012 semi-finals

WIMBLEDON 2012 LIVE: All the latest semi-final action from Murray v Tsonga after Federer defeats Djokovic



15:04 GMT, 6 July 2012

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16.03: Positive start from the British No. 1 who holds without too much trouble. Murray 1-0 Tsonga

15.58: Much has been of the role the crowd will have to play in this one. Tsonga is traditionally a crowd-pleaser and and he has a way of magnetising neutrals, while Murray is not one to gee-up support from the home crowd – certainly not compared to 'Tiger' Tim Henman. You get the feeling the Scot might need the crowd on his side in this one though.

15.53: The players come out to somewhat muted applause. I think, in fairness, most of them are out of their seats at the moment to stretch their legs between matches. The players will start warming up soon and the tension is definitely building…

15.49: It looks glorious out there at the moment and hopefully it'll hold out. One thing is for sure, if the next match is anything like the last then we're in for a treat.

15.44: With the sun shining (for a change) over Wimbledon, the roof is being opened for the second semi-final. Let's hope the All England Club don't regret that move later if it rains.

15.37: Up next of course is Andy Murray, who faces Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he attempts to become the first post-war Brit through to men's final. Stay tuned!

15.34: Huge cheers from the crowd on that conclusion. No doubt they are delighted to see Federer back in the Wimbledon final. It's where he belongs after all.

15.29: GAME, SET AND MATCH! Roger Federer is through to the Wimbledon final! An ace out wide at 40-30 set up victory and from there the 30-year-old kept his cool to close out victory. Djokovic 3-6 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.26: Don't forget, the semi-final between Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga follows straight after this and confirmation has come through that the roof will be opened for it.

Fed express: The Swiss world No 3 was in sparkling form on Centre Court

Fed express: The Swiss world No 3 was in sparkling form on Centre Court

15.24: He needed deuce but Djokovic holds with an ace out wide that only just clipped the line. It's all out attack from the Serbian now – it has to be. Federer is about to serve for a place in the final. Djokovic 3-5 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.21: From Sportsmail's Alex Kay:

I'm not impressed with Djokovic's performance. So much so that I might throw away my Uniqlo puffer jacket and sky blue t-shirt.

15.19: That's brutal from Federer, who recovers from that setback of throwing away a chance of putting the match beyond Djokovic's reach to hold to love. Novak now serves to stay in the championships. Djokovic 2-5 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.16: It's the match's pivotal game. But in deuce, Federer is given no further opportunities to leave himself serving for the set as Djokovic manages to force Roger into firing into the net. Great comeback there from the Serbian. Djokovic 2-4 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.13: Novak is doing himself no favours. A ninth unforced error on the backhand and an impressive Federer winner, with Djokovic left helpless at the net, give the six-time-champion three break points.

But that is tenacity for you. Djokovic saves all three with Federer given very little chance to capitalise.

The world is watching: Djokovic fires a return at Federer

The world is watching: Djokovic fires a return at Federer

15.10: The Grass Court King is in his element. His first hold to love for a long time includes an ace and the pressure is back on Djokovic. Djokovic 1-4 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.09: Djokovic is in no mood to get dragged into another epic game though and quickly serves out to hold. Djokovic 1-3 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

15.07: Huge service game for Djokovic, he can't afford to go 4-0 down. A confident Federer levels at 30-30 with a strong forehand across court, but after Novak edges in front, the third seed brings deuce with a forehand winner.

15.02: Federer hasn't looked bullet proof on serve but he's stayed professional and a hold to 30 ensures the Swiss takes firm control of what he hopes is the final set. Djokovic 0-3 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

14.59: BREAK! It's a Djokovic collapse. The crucial point is at 0-30 where the Serb rifles well wide with an easy looking forehand to hand Federer three break points. The top seed saves one with a quite brilliant forehand that stayed low, but he over-hits again on the baseline to gove Federer another break. Djokovic 0-2 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

14.56: A chance for Djokovic to break straight back Not here, The fourth-set opener is level at 30-30 but Federer serves out. Djokovic 0-1 Federer 3-6 6-3 4-6

14.53: From Infostrada 2012:

Djokovic has come back from 2-sets-to-1 down against #Federer twice in Grand Slam play, at the 2010 and 2011 US Open.

Thinking time: Both players rest after Federer (right) took the third set

Thinking time: Both players rest after Federer (right) took the third set

14.50: BREAK! Perfect pressure scenario. Djokovic falls 0-30 behind after a delightful Federer forehand winner, but recovers to 15-30. However a simple smash to level falls far over the baseline and Federer has two set points.

He misses one but a long rally follows and Federer shows his opponent how the smash is done by claiming the third set, The crowd on their feet after that – great tennis. Djokovic 4-6 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.46: That's more like it, Roger! First-set Federer turns up as two serves out wide are too difficult for Djokovic to deal with and it's another hold for the Swiss. Djokovic 4-5 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.45: Huge break point for Djokovic who has been on top in this game, but Federer's strong serve down the T is too powerful for Novak who returns over the baseline. Deuce.

14.41: A more straightforward hold for Djokovic than his last service game as only a miscued forehand which nearly bounced in the crowd proved his only setback. Djokovic 4-4 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.38: Federer's fury at failing to break is all let out at the start of his service game as he fires an ace down the T. The third seed fires wide next shot but after that it's a straight path towards holding. Djokovic 3-4 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.37: From Sportsmail's Mike Dickson:

Definitely brightening at Wimbledon with Fed and Djok. Murray-Tsonga could well start outdoors.

14.34: Huge hold for Djokovic. It climaxes with the two players at the net but despite Federer showing cat-like reflexes to hit a volley, it sails over the baseline. Djokovic 3-3 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.31: Unfortunate for Federer who is bamboozled by Djokovic hitting the net-cord as he runs to the net, but the next point sees Novak hit an inch lower and it's back to deuce.

On the attack: Djokovic returns a shot against Federer

On the attack: Djokovic returns a shot against Federer

14.27: Federer has only had two break points all match but he is handed a third as Djokovic produces his second double fault. What follows is the point of the match. Both gain momentum with tremendous forehands but a wide shot from the Swiss star takes it to deuce, much to Novak's delight.

14.24: Djokovic looks to take the initiative by really attacking Federer, but two points that are inches away from being winners only find the net. Another error to over-hit the baseline sees Federer hold. Djokovic 2-3 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.21: The rallies are short which suits Federer but Djokovic isn't being troubled so far as he holds to 15. Only an overhit backhand causing the Serb problems. Djokovic 2-2 Federer 3-6 6-2

14.19: It's not vintage tennis by any means but this is really quite close as Federer holds to relative ease. The crowd are a bit quiet too as tension reigns. Djokovic 1-2 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.14: Djokovic mops up the mess though by denying any more break points and serving out. Djokovic 1-1 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.11: A look of anguish to the skies (roof) from Federer after an awful return at 15-30 denies him a chance of two break points. He wins the next point to set one up anyway but a another poor forehand flies well wide and we go into deuce.

Thumbs up from me: Wimbledon's 2001 champion, Goran Ivanisevic was in attendance at Centre Court

Thumbs up from me: Wimbledon's 2001 champion, Goran Ivanisevic was in attendance at Centre Court

14.07: Nerves for the Fed fans at the start as Djokovic opens at 0-15 but the third seed wins a morale boosting rally before holding with a slam dunk smash. Djokovic 0-1 Federer 3-6 6-3

14.04: No let up from Djokovic, who offers Federer a sniff at the start but no more as her serves out the set to love…with an ace. This match is flying by. Djokovic 6-3 Federer 3-6

14.01: Federer has the pressure of serving to stay in the set, but he produces his best hold in the second as closes out to love with an ace. Over to you Novak. Djokovic 5-3 Federer 3-6

13.58: It's official, Djokovic has hit perfection. Federer opens with a fortunate cross-court return but from then on it's all Novak. He holds with a cross-court winner that is called out but on challenge is proven to be in by a millimetre in – if that. Djokovic 5-2 Federer 3-6

13.55: Djokovic tries to become more adventurous as he approaches the net, but it's not his strong point as Federer holds fairly easily. Djokovic 4-2 Federer 3-6

13.53: From Sportsmail's Mike Dickson:

Very much a case of Djokovic finding his feet. 31 in 2nd. If Borg was a better mover he must have been superhuman.

Andy Murray currently warming up indoors across the road, Tsonga on next court. Drier weather expected after 3pm. Important.

Where's our roof Fans on Henman Hill take cover under umbrellas

Where's our roof Fans on Henman Hill take cover under umbrellas

13.50: If the first set was Federer's, this is Djokovic's. The Serb quickly races 40-0 ahead and despite the third seed trying to stop momentum with a challenge, Djokovic quickly polishes off the game with a love hold. Djokovic 4-1 Federer 3-6

13.47: Federer is in a rut following some more sloppy forehands as we go into our first deuce of the match. The Swiss star stops the rot though as he aces out wide before Djokovic returns a backhand off-court. Djokovic 3-1 Federer 3-6

13.44: The engine is fully up to speed for Djokovic now. He has won eight of the last nine points as he holds to love. Federer is starting to make a few errors now – forced and unforced. Djokovic 3-0 Federer 3-6

13.42: BREAK! Djokovic has become more aggressive and it's paying off as he picks up three break points. The first sees him fire over the baseline but the second is taken after Federer forehands into the net. Djokovic 2-0 Federer 3-6

13.40: Federer is not even looking where he is playing the shot as he volleys on the track line to make it 40-30, but a simple forehand into the net that follows enables Djokovic to hold. Back to basics Roger. Djokovic 1-0 Federer 3-6

Down and out: Djokovic lost the first set to Federer

Down and out: Djokovic lost the first set to Federer

13.37: From Infostrada 2012:

Federer wins 1st set. He is 5-2 against #Djokovic in Grand Slams when winning 1st set. Djokovic came back to win at US Open 2010 and 2011.

13.35: It's the Federer of old. The 30-year-old takes the first set with a hold to love and there really was nothing Djokovic could have done about it. The Serbs slip at the net when he was broken was the only glaring fault between the players. Djokovic 3-6 Federer

13.32: And there is the case in point. Djokovic holds to love playing the sort of excellent tennis he has all tournament. Now he has to somehow break down the Fed-express. Djokovic 3-5 Federer

13.29: Federer is on fire. Djokovic is not playing badly at all but one slip on his service game has cost him a break, and he just can't touch the Swiss's serve after only reaching 15 again. He now serves to stay in the set. Djokovic 2-5 Federer

First blood: Roger Federer produced the first break of the match

First blood: Roger Federer produced the first break of the match

13.26: BREAK! Djokovic is on his way to a simple hold as he aces for 30-0 but the Swiss star takes four straight points to take firm control of the first set. Djokovic 2-4 Federer

13.23: Federer also joins the ace club, firing two (no wall thuds though) as he holds to 15. Djokovic 2-3 Federer

13.20: Djokovic opens with an ace down the T (The best ones, because of the thud against the wall!) but Federer comes back into the game with a clever backhand while the Serb is at the net. That's the only concern for the top seed though who serves out. Djokovic 2-2 Federer

Star showing: Kylie Minogue (left) and Andres Velencoso watch on from the Royal Box inside Centre Court

Star showing: Kylie Minogue (left) and Andres Velencoso watch on from the Royal Box inside Centre Court

13.17: The Swiss holds to 15 again. The Serb searching for ways to get into the Federer serve challenges one, but few in the crowd are surprised to see the ball was correctly called in. Djokovic 1-2 Federer

13.14: An impressive response from Djokovic though who holds to love without breaking sweat. Errors nowhere to be seen so far. Djokovic 1-1 Federer

13.11: Easy hold to 15 for Federer, great way to get started for the six-time champ. Djokovic 0-1 Federer

13.08: Away we go as Roger Federer serves at the start of this semi-final.

13.05: Federer leads the head-to-head 14-12 but has won only one of the last five grand slam meetings against Djokovic.

13.00: It's been raining all day in London and that includes SW19 so no surprises that the roof covers Centre Court as the players make their way out.

Loud cheers for both with the indoor conditions only adding to the atmosphere.

Ready for battle: Roger Federer (left) and Novak Djokovic arrive at Centre Court

Ready for battle: Roger Federer (left) and Novak Djokovic arrive at Centre Court

12.56: From Infostrada 2012:

Federer has played 21 sets in @Wimbledon semifinals, and has won them all (via @DavidLawTennis).

I can't see that 100 per cent record continuing today. Djokovic is the favourite and I will be surprised if he doesn't win, let alone not winning a set.

12.53: And with that in mind let's focus on the first match of today. Djokovic v Federer, current champ v the legend – it's going to be utterly fantastic.

12.50: From Infostrada 2012:

Six of 10 GS meetings between #Federer & #Djokovic have been 3 sets (split 3-3), 2 have gone 4 (2-0 Fed), 2 have gone 5 (2-0 Djokovic).

Raring to go: Andy Murray (second left) arrives at Wimbledon

Raring to go: Andy Murray (second left) arrives at Wimbledon

12.45: Before we look at today's action in more detail, a glance back to yesterday, and the semi-finals on the women's side of the draw.

Serena Williams made it through to her seventh Wimbledon final after she brushed aside Belarussian Victoria Azarenka in straight sets. A report of that match can be read here.

And in the other semi-final, Agnieszka Radwanska became the first Pole to reach the SW19 final as she took just 69 minutes to beat Angelique Kerber 6-3, 6-4. That match report is here.

12.40: Sportsmail's Mike Dickson has written a preview of today's semi-final, and that can be found here.

12.35: Andy Murray's former coach Brad Gilbert says that Tsonga's backhand is his weakness, you can read his thoughts on the match here.

12.30: Good afternoon and welcome to Sportsmail's live coverage of day 11 of the Wimbledon Championship.

Coming up this afternoon we have British No 1 Andy Murray playing for a place in the final against Frenchman Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. But before that defending champion Novak Djokovic takes on six-time champion Roger Federer.

Eye on the ball: Andy Murray is aiming to reach his first Wimbledon final

Eye on the ball: Andy Murray is aiming to reach his first Wimbledon final