American amputee scores sensational volley

One leg better than two American amputee scores sensational volley



16:05 GMT, 21 September 2012

Missing the incredible feats of the athletes from the Paralympics already Then feast your eyes on this incredible goal scored over in the United States.

In a High School football match, Concord-Carlisle Regional's Nico Calabria does what any other striker would do and attacks a corner on the volley.

The only difference is Calabria has the disadvantage of having one leg, but that doesn't stop the forward from pulling off a sensational strike.

Leaning on his crutches, Calabria throws his body to the side before swinging a volley that has the goalkeeper well beaten.

Never mind the fact that the strike is perfect and requires a high level of skill and balance, it's an effort that many with two legs would struggle to replicate with a scissors kick.